Sunday, November 13, 2011

Remembrance day Haul

Things I bought... LOL 

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Break from Studying

Haha, as my title says, I thought I should take a break from studying... all these Linga pictures are making me dizzy. Don't google it. :P

I'm studying for my art history midterm this tuesday. I'm scared, because I want to do well! I'm currently just taking a break to refresh my brain. I worked until midnight the past two days, and I woke up at noon today... and went to Northgate! haha I was going to go to Castledowns Library, but I went into Starbucks to see if my friend was working. AND SHE WAS. lol We're in the same art history class, so she bribed me to stay and study with her. It was an.. okay day. LOL not as productive as I imagined it to be, but fun none the less.

I thought I should show you yet, another haul I did... yes... my wants are pretty much insatiable.

First thing's first... I got St. Tropez Mousse Self tanner

It's HUGE, but it's a nice product. Very natural, and I wouldn't mind using it every few days. Minimal streaking, and the scent is bearable.

These are the other things that I got! :D
Naruko Oil Out Cleanser, serum and night cream, 
a teasing comb, 
Nose packs, and a facial sponge! 

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

August/Sept Haul

WOWOWOW, I've been away for too long, and I promised too many of you PICTURES. I should be doing research right now, but I'm taking a break. A pregnant break, but by all means, much needed. LOL

This is the first time I'm using the new blog interface for blogspot. It's interesting... but teeny tiny on my 24" wide screen monitor.

I've been really lazy with this blog. School started up, and now Im trying to be as caught up as possible. I hope to be ahead sometime soon. My sketching skills haven't been the best though. :( I drew a tank on Ran Yu's paper for an assignment. She was like, "Wtf?" But that's okay, cuz she doesn't know it was me. :)

So people were asking me to put a picture up of a recent haul I did at work (Shoppers drug mart) ... Most of it was my brother's stuff.. like shiseido for me, and the clinique for men, and the cologne. haha

I bought two of the flake aways because they went from $9.99 to $18.99! 
WTF? I had to stock up while they were still $10. :( 

Thursday, August 18, 2011


It's hard to believe my two friends are GONE! :O
That week was so crzy. I think I saw both of them more than I saw them during the school year! HAHA
Fun times.

It's getting super cold again, here, in Edmonton. I don't understand. We barely even had a summer...
You can feel the fall air in the morning. "Winter's coming." HAHA Jk. That was lame. I can't wait until Game of Thrones' next season comes out! It's so... GOOD. :D

Here's a little Lancome haul I got yesterday!!!

Doll Lashes in So Black!
Visionnaire Face Serum 
and Star Bronzer in 01 Lumier

Im SO EXCITED TO TRY ALL THESE PRODUCTS! Visionnaire is supposedly legendary... I can't wait to start using it for my acne scars! haha

Anyways, short post for today. :) 

-- xLissa

Friday, August 5, 2011

Makeup Bag Update By Murale

Sometimes I wish that there was a blog that combined blogger and tumblr... Actually.. tumblr just confuses the hello outta me. /simpleminded.

Anyways, I thought this post that Murale has on their webpage is EXTREMELY useful... Thus I shall copy and paste the page.

Who can’t relate to holding onto their favourite beauty products just a little too long? We get it, but here’s the thing: this is a health issue (besides not looking stellar, expired makeup can cause infections). We’re offering a list of best-before-dates for some common beauty finds so you’ll stay safe. And, if we also give you an excuse to go shopping, we’re good with that.

Foundation and Concealer 
Expiry date: Six months for liquids and two years for powders.
Signs it’s time to go: Liquids will start to have a streaky, uneven finish, and powders will become harder to blend and may start to crumble or crack.
Remember: Minimize bacteria growth by washing your hands before applying and avoid repeated use of a single sponge.
Replacement: Murad’s new Hybrid line combines great coverage with anti-aging benefits.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Hello August!

Wow, 3 months have already passed... what has everyone been up to? 

For me, it's mostly been work, and play, and sleep, and eat. I miss school... because I miss talking to everyone, and bumping into people in CAB or SUB. I also miss taking notes. xD 

I am currently painting my nails "Teddy Girl" from butter london. I have this horrid tan, and my hands are super dark. I hate that! I even put sun screen on the back of my hands to prevent this from happening, but of course, I wash my hands. That would be gross if I didn't. I think sun screen is going to be a staple in my purse.
Horribly applied nail polish. lol 

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Would anyone be interested?

I have some items that I no longer use, or that I haven't touched since first opening it...

Is anyone interested to do a few trades?

Does anyone want make up that has been used a few times? I can sanitize it with rubbing alcohol.
Let me know!!

(some of the random stuff I pulled out... I have more.) 
If anyone is interested, I'll post everything I'm trying to get rid of! 
-- xLissa


Yes, just a friendly reminder that I will be seeing y'all in a month and a week! YIPEEE!

Haha. Yeah, okay... I'm not THAT excited. I've been thinking of.... quitting my job to actually concentrate on school now. I've loved make up and anything to do with beauty, but I think I'm done... I've gotten my fill of it since starting to work here, at Shoppers Drug Mart.  Who knows, maybe I will come back to this industry, and create some awesome looking packaging! LOL We'll see once I complete this year... Blah.

I have promised a blog post to a few of you... I was in Los Angeles for two weeks.

Anyways, the main reason I'm posting today... is so show you my collective haul from the past month! I have converted into a nail girl... my nails change colors every 2 or so days. I bought so many polishes in LA... and I just want to try them all! all in due time though.

My nails of the moment! 

Essie's Tart Deco with Sephora by OPI Blasted Gold (my fave crackle)

Saturday, June 18, 2011


Hope you enjoy my silliness! I will be crazier next time, me thinks. 


-- xLissa

Friday, May 6, 2011

A Friday to myself...

  My current song obsession: Benny Benassi – Cinema (Skrillex Remix)
I could watch you for a lifetime
You’re my favourite movie
A thousand endings
You mean everything to me
I never know what’s coming
Forever fascinated

Hope you don't stop running
From me cause I’ll always be waiting

You are A cinema I could watch you forever
Action Thriller I could watch you forever
You are A Cinema A Hollywood treasure
Love you Just the way you are
A Cinema A Cinema A Cinema
A Cinema A Cinema A Cinema

Lalala, I actually heard this song a while back... but since tiesto started putting it in his set, everyone knows about it... :) 

    Lately I've just been working, and saying at home... and occasionally going to hot yoga, and I've gone to swim once. I've been shopping twice... but nothing really caught my eye. Oh well, save my money for buying a new desktop and laptop. I should find one soon.. or I'll have a PC desktop and buy a macbook in september.

   Last week, I was such a mess. I went into work on Sunday late and crying. I didn't know that I could get that stressed out. I was taking pictures of my work in the kitchen at home, and my dad comes home to yell at me. It's all he does. He just yells... It pisses me off, and makes me want to rebel. I don't understand why he can't just ask nicely, or be nicer. He still blames me for the car that was written off, and he got mad at me for wanting to ride my bike. *ROLLS EYES* Well... he got mad at me because he had to take it down the wall... but I could have easily done it myself. I've grown an obsession of hating to be babied this year. My mom is ALWAYS on my case. "Have you done ____ yet?" "Have you brought this with you?" "do you have an umbrella?" "Is your water bottle filled?" BLAHHHHHHHHHHH LEAVE ME ALONE. lol I know most of you miss that, and think she's sweet for remembering, or thinking of me.. but I'm just so fed up with it. I want to move out... 

  Anyways, moving on... My manager had to come in from 7pm to midnight to stay with me because I was too unstable to work alone... and I left 15 minutes early. On Monday, I woke up early and went to school to put together a portfolio... Meh. whatever. It's done. I went to work super late though. I was suppose to start at 3:30, and I didn't get in until 7pm. ha ha ha.... 

  Work has been frustrating too... I worked 30 hours last week.. and that doesn't sound like a lot, but it seems like that's all I do... my friends always ask me what I'm doing, and I always say work. I think it's because the shifts I get are usually 6 or 5.5 hours long, and I work 5/7 days week.  
  Our lives have been so different. I think the main thing I have learned this year was that... I can always rely on my best friends... no matter what type of mood I'm in. Even if I haven't talked to any of them for months, we just click. We can go on talking like we've never stopped talking. 
   I was talking to my pharmacy friend about the new people she hangs out with now, and such. It's interesting, because to come to think of it... I haven't even thought about texting or messaging anyone that was in my classes this year. (Minus Graeme because I needed some  pictures from him... and his messages are always ridiculously funny.) 

  Speaking of people from my classes... Congratulations to Daniel Toumine, and Sam Shapiro in getting into Dalhousie! (Don't kill each other) :P It's crazyyy... I think this year is the first year I've known so many people to leave edmonton for the upcoming school year. 

  I was suppose to go to the gym... but I left my house keys at work, and my parents weren't home... so I couldn't lock the door. LOL FAIL. They just got home... and I think my dad is in love with Costco. If you see a middle aged chinese man taking all the food samples and putting it in his pocket... that's probably my dad. Hahaha... Actually... I don't think he's the only one who does it. There's probably a mob of chinese people around those tables waiting for 'free food' 24/7. HA HA There I go stereotyping again. 

  Hmm, now that I have keys... and my parents are home, I should make my way to the gym. :) 
I didn't take any new pictures to share... nothing too interesting has happened.... except Teresa and Jessica made stuffed mushrooms. Yummm. :) haha I'll post those another day. 
FOR NOW, here is a picture from way back in december. 
  What cuties. LOL it was their birthday, and we didnt have time to get them a cake, so we got them mushed jello instead. HA HA... "We made the Jello, can you taste the love?" Tiff: /nods


-- xLissa 

Thursday, April 28, 2011

It's a Thursday

This is a pretty random post. Mostly because i'm too lazy to do anything else. 
I was suppose to go to school this morning to work on my portfolio, but I am so unmotivated right now, since I officially started summer break. HAHA. I worked last night as well... It was random, because there was an hour long scheduled blackout. We kicked everyone out before then, and there were 6 of us in the store. 
We sat around the front end area, because that's where the emergency lights on generators were. It was pretty... creepy to say the least, but we had fun talks. 

  I'm so excited these days, because people come to see me at work (well, I think they just come in to shop, and I happen to be there)! It makes it go by way faster, and I never get any actual work done... but you are all customers, so it should be fine. So thank you Jessica Lieu, Somarly (even if I missed you), Cindy (LOVE YOU!!!), Sabrina, and Kalmy and Dennis. Amanda Fayad and Melissa Cardinal came to see me a couple nights ago too. OMG, so funny. I loved it... mostly because Amanda had a little too much to drink and was hitting on the pharmacist, Dexter. LOL He's so shy, and blushes way too easily. It was cute.

  YESTERDAY, Dexter, Kaylee (my cowoker) and I were having a conversation about trips and vacations. Out of no where, Joanne comes by and tells us that there this dude that comes in to talk to Dexter for hours. She was saying how cute this customer is and lalala, and all of a sudden, dexter's like, "I'm not gay." I ROFLLED SO HARD. Not because he said it, but it's obvious he wasn't. Kaylee and I were soooooo confused, but it was funny. 

  Random, but I want a nerf gun. Please? 

  The assistant manager at work, Tom, was in his office one day, and I stuck my head in and stuck my tongue out at him. HAHA. He's like, "Just so you know, that was kind of weird." 
  And I said, "Some people think I'm weird, but I'm just weird." LOL I don't know why I say these things, but I think my life goal is to make people laugh. If you laughed at that, then I have succeeded. 
  I recently realized that the way I talk these days (and type) seems kind of dumbed down. I think it's because I work in the Boutique. I remember being hired, and working on the floor.. and no one understood me when i tried to explain a concept to them. Tamara, my manager, told me to dumb down my sentences and talk slower... and customers eventually understood what I was trying to say. LOL Not saying that I'm writing for dummies or anything, but I feel like my language skills have deteriorated. I should do the whole "word of the day" thing again.. like I did in High School.

  Dammit, I just saw my brother's tweet. "#westjet seat sale to/from edm until 4pm today! $69 to Van! For travel till June 30." 
I missed it... GRRR. I still haven't purchased my ticket to vancouver yet too. 

  THERES A NEW GIRL AT WORK, and her name is Jennifer! I like her so far... she's so funny. We were trying to figure out mutual friends, and I mentioned Jessica Hoang... and she said that name sounded familiar... and she just friended me on Facebook. I was browsing her pictures, and there was a picture of her and her sister... I was like.. that girl looks familiar.  and... it's "SJade Irony". I don't personally know who she is, but I see her comment on Jessica Hoang's facebook page all the time! HAHA! SMALL WORLDDDDD. WORD UP. '

WHEN SHALL I DO MY HAIR AGAIN? Or should I even? I really liked the color last year... 
Here's a random picture from last year. LOL 
It's in the bathroom, and Teresa is drying her hands behind me. 
It looks like she's trying to be a mime. 8D

Bahaha, since she wanted me to do a blog post, I put this picture up. >=) 

Another random. 
I bought these shoes yesterday!! 
I love them. Too bad they're like 4" high. That makes me 5' 11". 
Sometimes I wish I was a midget asian. 
Actually 5' 4" would be soooo ideal. 

I think one of my projects this sumer is to finally make a banner for this blog. LOL.. I've put it off for far too long. Maybe I'll hardcore photoshop one of my pictures. HAHA. P.S. I never photoshop any of the pictures i posted on here, unless it's for sizing or cropping. I'm too lazy to do any of the other stuff.. even changing the colors. /sigh. I have to practice taking more professional looking pictures... I think. 

It's 5:04pm. I was thinking about going to the University to see the graduates of BDesign's exhibition in FAB at 7pm. I'm really cold right now, and I want to wear these shoes! LOL (Yes, I'm wearing them inside the house).  Nobody's free to come with me. :( I might just go and... chill with people I see there. #lostpuppy.

Hehe, well... I don't have much of anything else to say. 
BLOGAGAIN next time, 

-- xLissa 

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

My Weekend, mini face, and SPRING HAUL!

DISCLAIMER: I know that some of you don't know that your pictures are going on here... if you mind, please email me or message me and I'll have it down asap. 

    Hahaha! I know most of you girls love seeing what I haul in. It's kind of embarrassing.
I actually buy a whole lot of other stuff in between the hauls as well... I might do some reviews if anyone is interested!

    You're welcome to skip this part by scrolling through the pictures and figuring out which are the haul pictures.

    SO this past Friday, I got to chill with 3 of my girls! It was really fun and exciting, because we haven't done this in a while. It really brought back memories of the past summers we've had together. I had to work from 8am to 4pm, so I was really exhausted. While I took a nap at home, Tiffany and Adelaide were shopping. They texted me to wake up at 7pm to go eat! First, we had to pick up Jessica from work though, so we headed there. It was funny, because Adelaide and Tiffany bought vitamins there. DID YOU KNOW they sell Rock and Republic jeans? I laughed really hard.

    We made our way to the South side Tropika. It's supposedly authentic Malaysian Cuisine. More like americanized. We ordered pineapple fried rice, Laksa, and pad thai that tasted like ketchup. I think the most enjoyable part of the meal was just being together. hehe.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Done exams...


Ha ha. I'm so embarrassed right now. I don't think I've ever done so bad on an exam minus Math 113. FML.
Yesterday, SO EMO.. hence my little blog post. That's okay. I'm becoming more Melissa-like... after today.

THIS is what I have been constantly thinking about for the past few days. It was that great. LOVES IT. haha!

Here are some photos.

My girlssssss... LU & RAN YU. 

Monday, April 4, 2011



I miss high school. FO REALZIES.
  House parties and not coming home until 12am on a school night when you're under aged? YEEEEE. lol Good times. yep. that was like... what?

I'm sorry for the lack to attention I have paid to everyone. I was just really busy with school, and I still am… but I'm procrastinating so that I get to spend my nights at school. You know how it is. hahaha. I broke my laptop screen two weeks ago. I'm still pissed off about it... but oh well. It happens. I think it's going to cost me $120 to buy a new LCD screen (says ebay), so I might just do it. My brother can help me install the screen. I'll buy a macbook pro when the new school year starts, because I'm so short on money right now. I keep buying things I don't really need. materialism.

Go take a look on my facebook if you haven't seen my sharkey stool. He was pretty lame, but I enjoy him nonetheless. I need to work on finishing the wood better.

Last Friday, I found out something very devastating to me... TIFFANY GOT INTO OPTOMETRY. LOL I'm excited for her, and I'm excited that she gets to pursue her career... but CHICAGO? You srs? I love her, and I don't get to see her even more? :( /sigh. Jillian is going to waterloo as well. At least they’ll be on the same side of North America. Hahaha. Adelaide and Jluong are leaving me for Hong Kong in July tooo!! although I won't even be in the city at the time either. I'm going to Los Angeles with Cindy and Nguyen. I feel really... sad. I don't know when we can fit in our yearly trip! I was hoping to go camping... even if we stay in a cabin, it would be super fun.

Here's a random picture of my flowering tea. Yum. :) 

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Physician's Formula Happy Boosters


On the 22nd, Tiffany, Claudine, Adelaide, and I went shopping! YAY!

I wanted to buy a lot of things … like a baggy sweater, a pair of short boots, something from American Apparel (to spend my groupon), and spring clothes and such, but I didn’t buy any of it! L Maybe my mom will take me shopping again on Thursday…

Instead I walked away with an order for a pair of 5” heels from Aldo. HA HA. They’re really high, but I think I’m in love with them! I’ll walk around the house with them first… I don’t care if I look like a giant, I’m still in love with the shoes!

After the little shopping we did, we ate some pho! J If you go to eat pho in West Ed, go to Pho Hoa. The one in the mall area is really shitty…

THEN we went swimming! At 9! HAHA! Tiffers and I snuck in… it was already 9:30pm by the time we got into the pool. Trusty Derek has already swum a kilometre! I told him to swim more with me… LOL. It was nice, because he set the pace. Omg, I have never felt so out of shape! L I only made it to 20 x 25m lengths before I almost died. My arms were so sore after that… Then we went to the stinky hot tub. Uck. It’s so gross in there, so I went to swim more lengths. J I ended up doing 27 in the time I was there. Yipee! Good workout. I love being in the water, it’s so easy to forget about everything while you swim.

ANYWHO, the main reason I’m doing this post, is because Jessica wanted to see the Happy Booster Swatches! After swimming, tiffers and I went to my Shoppers to pick up some make up… for both her and I. LOL Physician’s Formula is 40% off! I said that in the last post. : ) I love it.
So the things I’m going to swatch for you to day are the Physcian’s Formula Happy Boosters in Translucent, Beige, and the blush in Rose. I ended up returning the natural, because I don’t know when I’ll be able to use it. I’m really into the hot pinks right now. My MAC Hello Kitty blush is purrfect. LOL… cheesy, I know. The other thing I’m going to swatch is the Cashmere bronzer. It’s really smooth, and yes, cashmere like. Oh, and the lash growing eyeliner!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Spring is almost here!

I’m quite sorry that I have been away from the blogging world for far too long. Watch me say this for every post from now on.

Industrial design has been getting more and more intense. The want I have to succeed has become greater and greater. PLUS, my instructors know what I’m capable of now, and I have to keep that up. FML, I should have just bull shitted my first few projects. Oh well. I have fun doing the shit that I do, and that includes the all nighters I pull in the industrial design building.

This semester has been the most interesting one yet, although I am only taking 3 classes. The two introductory I.D. ones and an art history class have been consuming most of my time… plus work, of course. I apologize to all my friends who miss me and have wanted to meet up with me… but I couldn’t find time. Time management is a huge learning process, and it’s taking me a really long time to understand that I NEED to get shit done every second of the day, rather than blogging and doing shit all. /sigh I have met new people in my classes, and it’s a lot of fun talking to each one individually. I hope that my relationships with everyone in the class continue to grow. J It makes me happy. Hehe.

I have been doing some shopping here and there, but not so much as I did a couple months ago. LOL It was the holiday season then, and I could justify my purchases! HAHA I just paid for my flight ticket to Los Angeles in the summer. I can’t wait to go back there for the sun and the beaches. The shopping is pretty good too. I wonder if I will always be a city type of person. I’ve lived in Edmonton my entire life, and I don’t travel very much. I’ve never been camping, white water rafting, and mountain biking, or hiking… I hope that some of my friends will come with me on an adventure this summer as well. It could possibly our yearly trip we take together? We’ll see.

Damn, I miss high school so effing much. I had all the time in the world… I remember taking the bus to ikea right after school and getting home at 11pm. HAHA… or going to West Edmonton Mall for the arcade… and playing racing games all night. Fuck, those were good times. I don’t think I would take back those experiences for the world.

Okay, enough with the rambling. I’m sure a lot of people would rather look at pictures… Well, I know some people who don’t read the shit I say and just look at pictures. LOL

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Hello Kitty for Sephora Haul Part 2!!

Part 2 of my order came in the other day! I couldn't wait to write this post, so I posted all of the pictures first. I went online the night after I made the first order, and everything was in stock again! I couldn't help myself to get a few of the nail polishes... okay maybe all of the nail polishes. ha ha.

This is what the website looked like mid-day.