Thursday, September 20, 2012

Goodies from Hong Kong!

I JUST posted a haul a couple days ago, but I didn't know my coworker and friend, Fion, was going to give me the stuff I asked her to help me buy in Hong Kong so soon! Just think of this as an extension to my last post. lol !

The overall haul! These pics were taken from my phone, because I really should be studying. LOL!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

School Has Commenced!

Ey ey ey,

Hey ya'll. I've been gone for MONTHS. Lol, I just got really lazy with up keeping this blog.
I've worked all summer, took spring and summer classes as well. I'm determined to graduate by the end of this year!

I'm so sick of school, yet I'm not all that ready for real life yet. We'll see where life takes me by the end of it. It's kind of exciting not knowing what's going to happen next.

Anyways, I went to Chicago for 12 days before classes started up again, so I thought I should do a mini haul post. I'm kind of broke now. Funny thing is... I kept buying things even after I came back home. :( It's so addicting. Anyways, this is a picture of the things I bought in Chicago! This was from the day after I came back.

I got Neutrogena cleansing wipes, China glaze polishes, an OPI, ardell lash glue, lashes, butter london polishes, dry shampoo, lipbalm, and self tanner!