Thursday, September 20, 2012

Goodies from Hong Kong!

I JUST posted a haul a couple days ago, but I didn't know my coworker and friend, Fion, was going to give me the stuff I asked her to help me buy in Hong Kong so soon! Just think of this as an extension to my last post. lol !

The overall haul! These pics were taken from my phone, because I really should be studying. LOL!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

School Has Commenced!

Ey ey ey,

Hey ya'll. I've been gone for MONTHS. Lol, I just got really lazy with up keeping this blog.
I've worked all summer, took spring and summer classes as well. I'm determined to graduate by the end of this year!

I'm so sick of school, yet I'm not all that ready for real life yet. We'll see where life takes me by the end of it. It's kind of exciting not knowing what's going to happen next.

Anyways, I went to Chicago for 12 days before classes started up again, so I thought I should do a mini haul post. I'm kind of broke now. Funny thing is... I kept buying things even after I came back home. :( It's so addicting. Anyways, this is a picture of the things I bought in Chicago! This was from the day after I came back.

I got Neutrogena cleansing wipes, China glaze polishes, an OPI, ardell lash glue, lashes, butter london polishes, dry shampoo, lipbalm, and self tanner! 

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Haul Withdrawl

:( I buy too many unnecessary things. I have a midterm on Tuesday, and I don't know why I can't bring myself to crack open this damn book! I wish it was warm and sunny outside...

I have a lot of pictures that I should show here... I take them for the blog, but I never blog anymore. : (

Anyways, since it's spring, there were a lot of make up schools that I was able to go to, so I might as well show you everything I've accumulated in the past couple of weeks. :)

Starting off with... my skin! LOL It's so clear in this picture, 
I'm not wearing any make up what so ever. 

This is an old picture I took... but I like my hair. It's so pink! 
Right now, it's gradient-ed with purple and blue

Wednesday, January 18, 2012



:) Im in a random mood today.. or right now at least, and I can't think of a good business plan thing for class tomorrow.. so I'm going to sit here and blog, because my last blog post was in November - 2 months ago. 
Whoops. I'm sorry. 

My cousin pointed it out to me during xmas that she misses my posts, and that my last few were very underwhelming. Well, that's how I interpreted what she said anyways, because I can relate. I hate it when my favorite bloggers haven't updated in a while. Not saying that I'm your favorite blogger, but you know what I'm getting at! haha! Honestly, I was going to go back to my previous posts and write a little about the things I bought, but I got lazy, and really busy with school. 

How's school? WELL, I kind of suck... I know my faults, but fixing them is a whole other story. I'm too stubborn to get help from anyone. That's my nature. I dislike when people ask me to help them, because I like helping people, but I don't realize how much of my own time I take to do it. Does that make sense? Sometimes I feel like I'm ranting too much, and I don't get to the point. Anyways, this paragraph is referring to the table I never finished making in my furniture class. I hope to get it done before April. That would be my new year's resolution, I think. Get shit things done. 

Darned. I didn't understand when people told me that I would miss high school. I was like, yeah right, high school was stupid and I hated it... but really... I miss the freedom and the naivety. Taking the bus to ikea from the northside was an adventure. Now, we either get someone to drive, or choose not to go because we (I) don't have 2 hours to waste sitting around on a bus full of "scary" people. Maybe I've become a wuss. 

Oh look, it's 2am. My usual posting time. Does anyone else have this problem? When the most productive time of day is always after midnight? I can't focus properly any other time of the day. :( I'm always happy to know that a few of my good friends are still using MSN. it's a nice way to communicate when you're not on facebook 24/7. -.- Shout out to Walter in Brazil, and Marinco in the Netherlands, and of course the regulars. :P

I should make a character list of all my friends. LOL OMG, that would be funny!! 

TODAY... I hung out with Teresa... IN THE MATH LOUNGE. hahahaha. Her friends are soooooo random/funny. Typical guys that are super smart, but always can relate everything to sex. Uguh. We have a wonderful conversation about cookie nipples. ROFL. Okay. TMI, I know. 

I'm secretly trying to find pictures I can insert into this post to make it interesting... If you want to see pictures of random things... follow my instagram. I like posting random stuff. 

Hmmm... what's new... OH, most of you know, but I cut myself in December with a utility/xacto knife. I had to get 7 stitches. It's healing now. it's starting to even out. :) my hand looks gross though. I wonder what customers think when I'm using that hand to put makeup on them. Hmm... no comments yet. 

That brings me to the video my friend posted on my wall the other day, called "Fotoshop by AdobĂ©If you haven't watched it yet, I urge you to. It makes me laugh. WHAT are your views of 
using photoshop to correct one's imperfections? Do you think it creates an irrational view of idealized beauty? I personally think it is relative to the viewer's knowledge, experiences, and wants. A beauty blogger who regularly uses photoshop to enhance her features is xiaxue. If you hadn't known this before, would you have thought she was beautiful?

OKAY, enough words for today...

I was going to do a blog post in October on the makeup look I did on one of my recent facebook pictures... but I didnt... that leaves me with lots of random self portraits where I'm wearing too much make up. :)

I really wanted to use pink eyeshadow, so I came up with this look. 

False eyelashes make a HUGE difference. Look at my poor asian skimpy lashes. haha

Circle lenses. 0__0

andddd what it looks like without flash. YEP. 

Im sorry I couldn't add anything more interesting to look at rather than my face... I have more pictures but I can't find my memory card reader. :/ I'm thinking that I should get a laptop soon, because then it would have a built in memory card reader. Well, it's not just for that. I've survived almost a whole year without a laptop. I remember crying when I dropped my pink one in the Industrial design building and shattered the screen. :/ oh well. shit happens. Damn. Hutchinson can talk really fast. haha

OKAY, I'm going to bed. Night! 

-- xLissa