Friday, December 31, 2010

Hello Kitty for Sephora

WOOOO, My Sephora package came this morning, and this is what I got! 

This is a Hello Kitty brush set! Isn't it just darling? HAHA
I feel like a grandma when I say that word. :) 
But it is so cute! I would definitely keep it on my table.. if I had room. 
Unfortunately, this is going back. For $53.90 Canadian, I don't think it's worth it. 

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Holiday Hauling...


Hope that the break is doing you all some good. :) I know I've eaten too much turkey myself. lol 

Recapping what happened this holiday so far: Work, Dinner at the Melting pot, work, work, Family dinners, working some more, and shopping! LOL I might do more shopping tomorrow... scratch that, I WILL be doing more shopping tomorrow. I hope I don't get anything... 

I have been holding off this post for way too long. I'm sorry to you guys who's been patiently waiting (*cough*Amie, Teresa, Rachel, Somarly, IVANHO *cough*). HAHA. After much contemplation, I decided to cut out a lot of pictures that I didn't think were necessary for this post, so that it's... shorter.

BY THE WAY, I “lol” when people tell me that I should be the next make up guru on YT, because I’m NOT a guru. I just like playing with make up. I don’t have any tips or tricks that haven’t already been said by Michelle Phan. I don’t really know what I’m doing when it comes to make up. People ask me, “What colors should I be wearing? What make up is going to make my eyes pop?” AND I say… “I dunno. Whatever you like? LOL Colors that make your eyes pop would be the colors on the other side of the color spectrum.” *Shrugs*.
… AND that is why I am a BEAUTY EXPERT… *Points at name tag from work*. I’m not a beauty master, I have to work at Murale for that. Then theres the Gurus that live in YT. J

This is mostly a LUSH haul, because they had a buy one get one free sale ! (yay!)  It was a pretty good month for me to receive things, because I love getting things (especially when it’s free… everyone at work knows that. LOL!). It’s kind of bad… but I blame it on my asianess.

Monday, December 27, 2010


I've been away for far too long, but exams came and the Christmas was right behind it! I've been way too busy to do any posts. I said that I would do a mini haul post in the last entry, but I haven't gotten around to taking pictures of the things I got, and what not! I will definitely do a collective haul post along with some things I got for Christmas... tomorrow. LOL.

I actually work full time hours this holiday. I have actually never worked full time... Not even at Save Ons, I never had 40 hours in one single week. Pretty Crazy. I'm getting tired of it, but it's okay. I really need the money to fund these hauls  (lol). I think that one day, after I stop reading blogs, and watching youtube, I will finally have a full bank account.Yeah, right... I do enjoy the time I spend on the internet though.

This is basically a filler post, because I haven't said much in over a week. Not to worry, because my next post will be better. I have a few things that I got from my manager at work (YAY! I LOVE FREE THINGS, and everyone at work knows it... I blame it in the Asian genes). I also went boxing day shopping yesterday, and I picked up a few things at Sephora, and LUSH. I didnt have a lot of time, because I worked at 3:30pm, and I left the house to go to West Ed at 11. Haha. Parking was pretty crazy when we ot there, but even more so when we were leaving! The parking lots were so full of cars trying to look for parking, that it was as crowded outside the mall as it was inside with everyone pushing each other.

Okay, I'm off to whyte now, since I didn't have time yesterday. I'll have to be home by 3, because I work at 4.

Talk to you all tomorrow,

-- xLissa

Friday, December 17, 2010

Friday night! Bronzey Look For Amie.

  School is ALMOST done ! ! ! I'm so excited. My last exam is on Tuesday morning, hehe.

I'm off to shower, so I'm not going to write a lot. I have a headache from too much caffeine.
Today, Cindy and I went to Phobulous, and I had a yummy bowl of Bun bo hue... NOM NOM. HAHA
I couldn't stop eating for some reason... oh well.

I will do another haul post soon, but most of the make up is going to be free, because my manager is getting rid of some testers. I'm so excited to try everything, because it's going to be mostly Benefit make up! :)

Amie asked me to do a post on a bronzey type look... and I'm not really sure how to besides using bronzer?
I'm going to add a couple pictures from my make up look yesterday, which i did a true smokey eye.. using two colors; black and a highlight color. LOL

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

That's so Vanilla.

I'm so addicted to this song right here:

Haha, not really into the MV though... /sigh

I'm currently in Cameron library 2nd floor if you're looking for a study buddy!
This is my little slice of study break.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

I'm Procrastinating.

Most of us do this all the time... procrastinate. Uguh, I should get out of the habit of doing this, but I'm so lazy sometimes! lol

I'm going out tonight, for my staff christmas party... I'm half excited, half... nervous? I've never gone out with my coworkers before. Mostly because I'm shy... /sigh. Oh well. Most of the time I don't even want to go out... I've become a huge homebody. I'd rather stay at home all night cuddled with my blankets or on the phone, than going out to a club. I can't drink to save my life. You give me a shot and two sips of anything, and I'm done gone for the rest of the night. HAHA Low tolerance much? It used to be like that for caffeine too. It's getting better... but yesterday I had a cup of coffee at midnight, and I couldn't sleep until 5am. :( Haha..

Pictures after jump!

Friday, December 10, 2010

MINI Make Up Haul & FACE.

I know I said that I wouldn't be doing another haul for a while, but I couldn't help myself and go shopping. Sephora gave me a $20 GC.. and I had to make use of it!

I apologize for not updating as frequently as I have in November, but finals and final projects have been suffocating me... as I'm sure it is doing to most of you. Haha. I didn't sleep very much from Sunday night to Wednesday night. I had maybe about 6 hours in total... including my naps while I study. Oh caffeine, where would I be without you? Probably... a bum, because I'd fail school.
Thank god I'm done 3 out of 4 classes! I'm going to have to go hardcore for a longer period of time though... next exam is on the 21st!

I will post some pictures in a later blog about the project I did in school. :) Took up a lot of time... but it's fun to make things with your own hands.

Hmm... I didnt take that many photos, because I basically got home, changed, and went to work. haha. I'll post swatches tomorrow... when my lips aren't dead.

Edit: Yeah, it's now Dec. 12/10. I'm going to add more pictures! I couldn't wait to do this post, that why I posted it so early without much content. Tomorrow is my work's Christmas party. My friend/coworker is going to let me drive her car! MUAHAHA. :) I'm excited. Jojo made me coffee at work today.. so my brain is kind of scattered. I just took a shower, and did my make up for fun! I have pictures after my haul! I also have some swatches of the lippies I bought recently. I do my make up at night so that I get more practice, and I see what works for me. I have a lot of make up, so I'm not worried about "wasting" it, as my mom says. Hahaha. I'm going to add a bit more narrative to some of the pictures... :D

So I went shopping on Thurday, Dec. 9th, 2010...
Hehe, I met Jessica up on our usual bus to school.. and we took the bus to West  Edmonton mall from there.
We had a yummy lunch of Pho at Pho Hoa in T&T. 

Sunday, November 21, 2010

It's that time again... HAUL!!!

  YO, my peepz. I'm feeling a little under the weather, so I'm going to keep this post a little shorter than usual, without all that crap I usually write. I have to finish up this powerpoint presentation that is suppose to be presented tomorrow night. Haha... I suck, I know. 

  Anyways, I wanted to show you my last haul for a very long time, because I know I have everything I will ever need and more. I know you guys are going to be very sad about this, but I will try to keep up my blog with more interesting things. If you like reading my blog, please follow me! :) I will update every now and then.

  I calculated how much I've spent on myself since November 10th, and it came to almost a whopping $900. I splurged on (almost) everything that I have wanted  for a while and I have close to no spending money left. lol This is the first time I've ever done such damage! I'm a student and I work 14 hours a week... and managed to blow my spending savings in a few days. xD 

Okay, so here's pictures of my latest haul: 

 I went to Holt Renfrew when they had their Manulife Dollars (Where you get 10% back in this type of play money), and I picked up a couple of things I had my eyes on for a while. 
These are the Shu Uemura Cleansing Oils. 
I got the 150ml of the Antioxidant ($40), and 150ml of the classic one ($38). I couldn't pass up the classic, because it has the cutest limited edition packaging. I am a sucker for pink...

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Neutral Smokey Eye -- As Per Amie's Request

This week has gone by way faster then I had anticipated. All this (crappy) snow is making me go crazy! It takes me an hour and a half to get to school when it normally takes me 40 minutes. UGUH. I missed out on my group meeting on Wednesday because of this... but at least I was on time for class! My design 302 class (photoshopping and such) was very homework heavy... We had to draw Mechas... 11 of them to be exact. It drove me nuts... Oh well, thank god it's over! Haha! I should be doing some hardcore research for my group presentation on Monday, but I... can't being myself to do it on a Friday night.

I was lucky today, because I dont have class on Fridays. I worked last night until midnight. I know you all are really excited for my next haul post, but looking at the things I will be buying from work... they're not that interesting. It's basically all necessities. haha... I'll still post it anyways... I went to Princess Auto for the first time, and I laughed at some of the strange things they carry there. I still have no idea why my dad loves it there so much. I texted Angela while I was there, and she was like, WTF? haha Her dad apparently gets their flyers all the time as well. After that, my dad's front left tire was low on air so we went to costco! It's like.. the best place on earth... because of their $2 hot dogs. ROFL. Just kidding. It's fun to look at things there... like Jewellery... or really ugly designer bags they have for sale. :) My mom, dad, and I didn't really buy anything except a box of those christmas cookies in a tin. Oh well. I proceeded to pass out in the back seat of the car while my dad drove in rush hour traffic. haha. It reminds me of old times.

Pretty unproductive day, I must say... I can't wait for tomorrow, because I'll be running about town buying random shit I really don't need. :)

ONWARDS, to my brown smokey eye that I did that Amie wanted to see me execute. Too bad I don't have anywhere to go... BTW, my hair looks gross because it was still semi-damp. Yes, I packed on make up AFTER I took a nice hot shower. Screw you winter! Just saying...

START! First off... DO YOUR FACE. This be my war paint. :P I lent 3 of my foundations to a friend for the weekend, because she needed them for a photoshoot and I wasn't able to be there to do the make up for her, so she did it herself. I'm using Clarins Everlasting Foundation in 109 Wheat. There's a white cast to my face because it contains SPF 15. Good to protect against the sun, bad for flash photography. Here's a nice picture of me looking like a dead person. Muahaha.
I look so unhappy.

Next up, the NAKED PALETTE. Sex sex sex. haha. I would normally use a primer on my eyelids (UDPP), but I got lazy and I'm only doing this look for my bloggy. Amie, I have labeled and named the colors I have used!

... this reminds me of paint by numbers. I poorly mapped out where I used each color. I think the main difference between regular shadow and a "smokey eye" is using shadow on the bottom lash line and smoking it out.. that's the main difference I've noticed. You could also go more intense and add more black eyeshadow to deepen and add more drama.

I'm using Bobbi brown's gel liner in chocolate shimmer.
If you've noticed... both my lashes aren't the same! haha I wanted to show you guys the difference between false lashes (on my right eye) and mascara (on my left eye).
I personally love the look of falsies, because they're so neatly combed and curled.

A better look... at my work. LOL

Close up of my eyes open... Look at the difference in my lashes.
Im using Revlon's double twist mascara, btw. It's a piece of poopoo. haha
The shadows are deeper in real life. If i had put a base of gel liner/cream shadow,
it would be more intense.

Some Camera whoring pictures for you, la~! Im using MAC's creme de nude lipstick.
I also added a bronze glitter liner to the bottom lash line closer to the inner corner.
It adds "glam". LOL I like sparkley things, okay?
AND... A pretty bathroom picture for you all. Haha!!
Tell me if you like these types of posts or not... or tell me what you'd like to see me do for my posts! I'm a noob at blogging, so any help is appreciated!

Thanks for reading!

-- xLissa

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Tuesday, November 16th, 2010

Wow, it's only Tuesday night, but it definitely feels like Thursday! I guess it's due to the amount of sleep I've been having... which is not as much as I used to! Not as much sleep makes days seem longer. Although I've just recently bought a memory foam mattress topper, I haven't had time to enjoy it. =[

I had a rough start this week. I had to work on Sunday, from 11 to 6, and I had no motivation to do anything. It keeps getting darker earlier in the evening, which makes me think it's closer to sleeping time and makes work drag on and on. When I got home at 6:30pm, I just passed out until 10pm... which I then proceeded to procrastinate and browse facebook for 4 hours. Haha. Crackbook... I wonder how I would live without it...

Because I went to bed so late (or so early in the morning, depending on how you see it), I was grumpy and exhausted at 7am when I left the house to catch the bus. I grabbed everything I needed, and told my mom I'd be home for lunch so she didn't have to pack me one (yes, she still packs my lunch everyday /heart).

Today went much better than yesterday... minus the -17c weather and snow. First of all, I was quite proud of my design 302 proposal that I finished up during the night. Secondly, I got an email from the one card office to tell me that my card was found and was at the lost and found in churchill. SCORE! I don't have to think of the things I will have to not buy this coming weekend with the $120 I would need to replace the card.

After today's art history class, Cindy went home to sleep because she had her head on her desk the entire class. LOL. I fell asleep today too... that class is just too brutally boring. Nguyen agreed to come with me to the one card office downtown at 2pm. After class (at 12:30), we went to Tim Horton's in C.A.B. Uguh. They are the worst! The line up was miles long, and we had to wait 10 minutes for this woman to scoop chili in a to-go container and forget to give it to us. We ate lunch and met up with her friend, Jordan. Before we knew it, it was 2, so we took the LRT to Churchill. I picked up my one pass... and then went shopping. LOL I can't suppress my urges these days! I ended up picking one thing up at Holt Renfrew because they had 10% off everything in the store. I laughed at how grungy and sketchy Nguyen and I looked, in the store with our backpacks on, coming straight from school. Nguyen didnt even know what Holt Renfrew was... or how it was a designer brand store. Haha. I showed her a whole new world! haha. We then proceeded to get bbt at Bubble T, and made our way back to the University so she could "study". Yeah, right... If you can call talking about Pokemon studying. :) :) :)

At 7, I rode the bus home with Jessica L, and that's how my day ended. I am so pooped out after showering, I think I'm going to retire early tonight. Not without a couple of pictures though! haha.

P.S. I will be having another haul post soon... LOL I know, I buy to many things. I have everything chosen out, and I just gotta buy everything this weekend. ;)

This would be my silly design concept I am working on. I took the pose from a Maybelline ad.

Hehe, and this is just a cute photograph of Nguyen and I courtesy of Cindy. She had to take some photographs for her class, and Nguyen and I were fooling around. Cindy's pretty good, hey? :)

Hope you didn't think I wrote too much! Lol

-- xLissa

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Another Haul?

I had the entire day off today, so my mother and I went to do a little shopping. It's my brother, Vincent's, birthday on the 17th. He's turning 22. What an old man. We went to look for a new backpack for him, since his is getting really dirty and old. Gross.

I suggested that we go to West Edmonton Mall, because it does have every store imaginable. We all know that I was secretly wanting to go to sephora though...

Turns out... we couldn't find a suitable backpack at either Atmosphere or SportChek. Meh. I bought more make up with my VIB discount, and I finally redeemed 500 points for the beauty point perk! It comes with a full size of the BUXOM lash! They didn't have this set on Wednesday, the last time I went. I might just go return the Buxom lash I bought, because I don't need two. I really don't know when I'm going to be able to use up all of these mascaras. Maybe if I blog more, I'll do a fun make up look for each post. lol! That's a fun way to use up my make up...

After buying a couple pairs of practical boots for the cold winter climate, my mom and I stopped at costco for gas. I've never seen such bad drivers on the road. It was rush hour by this time, so we stopped inside to shop for a bit. I ended up getting a gel memory foam matteress topper! Yay! Haha, I was so excited that I put all my sheets and blankets to wash because I don't want it to get dirty. xD

Yay for clean sheets and fluffy blankets!

We also found a decent looking backpack! Score! Mission complete. lol.

I spent the rest of the night cleaning my room, because I haven't had the chance to since school started... needless to say, it was a nightmare. I finally have some walking space in here!

Anyways, I'll get to the pictures! Hehe, pictures are always the best part.

Collective view of the cosmetics I purchased today

Close up of the lipfusion infatuation christmas set. It's such an excellent deal! $31 for 2.5ml x 4! That's 10ml worth of glosses for the cost of one 5.5ml full size!
This set comes with the colors First Crush, Screen Siren, Angelic, and Lollipop (l/e).
I've been eyeing Screen Siren for a while, an this set is perfect! The glosses have a semi-opaque coverage. They're so gorgeous. :)

I don't know what it is, but I have an obsession with lip glosses/lip products. When I saw this set, I knew I had to have it. It was out of stock on Wednesday, but it came back in stock today! SO HAPPY! There are all full sizes. The lip balms are to DIE for. I love the Jasmine one, although it doesn't really smell/taste like Jasmine. I tried on the lightest pink shade of the gloss, and it's is GORGEOUS. It smells and tastes like cherries to boot! They use cherry oil in the glosses apparently. LOVE IT. All this for $51 CAD, normally $124 CAD. I'm in love.

I also bought the Stila eye kajal in topaz for the waterline yesterday. My friend who does photography said that the white on the waterline looks too unnatural in photos. I tried it on for a coworker, and she pursuaded me to get it because I "look[ed] so cute". I don't really like this particular eyeliner, because it has no staying power on the waterline what so ever! Oh well.
In this picture, there's the Bare Escentuals box set that I got for my beauty insider points. It comes with the pink cosmetic bag, a mini brush, a mini face powder, a mini lipgloss (BEST glosses), and a full sized buxom mascara!
Last, but not least, I picked up the MUFE feather lashes because they looked so fun. The longer I stay in Sephora, the more things I want. I also got a bottle of the DUO lash glue in clear, because it's only $10 for 14ml. The one I get from London drugs is $7 for 7ml.

That pretty much concludes my haul from today (& I guess yesterday as well). I'll put some fun camwhoring pictures now! he he
I love doing make up at night right before I go to wash my face.

This is just a really intense smokey eye I decided to do. :)

Oh! I also bought this faux fur stole from H&M. I love it. hehe

Okay, I hope you all enjoyed this post! It's time for me to go to bed... maybe. lol!

-- xLissa

Thursday, November 11, 2010


Okay, SOOOOO I suck at keeping up with my blog. I just lose track and forget.

School started up and we're almost done the first semester. I'm enjoying my studio courses (esp. the photoshop one), but I hate art history. =[ I have to catch up on studying this long weekend... I need to pass.

Overall, it's been a pretty chill semester. I haven't been hanging out in CAB, because Teresa is never there anymore, and I feel like I don't have time to do anything! My friends get mad at me because I'm either busy doing homework, or else working. It's nice right now, because I work about 15 hours a week. I love working for Shoppers Drug mart... Haha, we'll see if I still love it after the Christmas season.

That reminds me, I got my first customer complaint! ARGH! Haha, but I totally deserved it. I was withholding some limited edition stuff (the last ones!) and I told her that I couldn't sell it to her because I called it. >_> Yeah, stupid greedy me.

ANYHOW, lets get to the main reason why I wanted to blog today: HAUL!!!
I've been in a crazy shopping mood this past week, and basically went berserk.
It doesn't hurt when it's the 20% VIB sale at sephora too... (okay, maybe it hurts my wallet a little bit.)

I just looked at my credit card statement, and it looks like I'm almost at my max!


Group picture of what I got today (Nov. 10, 2010)

The Naked Pallete ($52 CAD) up close. I bet you've all seen it before! lol

Since I got the last one off the shelf... the plastic was all cracked, and this wasn't put together nicely. :( It made me sad... but at least I have the palette, I guess!
I also got Bare Escentuals' Buxom Lash ($23 CAD), Nars Eyeshadow Primer ($29 CAD), as well as UD Skyscraper Mascara ($26 CAD).
The last thing I got from Sephora is the Phytodefrisant ($28 CAD)! I got a sample of this a long time ago, and I fell in love with it. It makes my hair nice, smooth, shiny, and straight without the use of a flat Iron. I haven't touched my CHI in a month or so.
Next, I went to Lush to get a Seanik Shampoo Bar (not pictured), as well as the BIG shampoo. I'm so excited to try this. It better be good, since it's $23!!
On Sunday, I picked up the QUO Professional Brush set ($100 CAD). in the Holiday Edition. SUPER cute, and the brushes are SO SOFT. It was on sale for 40% off! :D

I also picked up a few drugstore stuff! Revlon Eyelashes ($6 CAD), Tweezerman lash comb ($10 CAD), 3 L'oreal hip Chrome liners ($7 CAD/each), and a maybelline blush ($5 CAD) !

I also picked up a couple boxes of my favorite My Beauty Diary sheet masks from T&T. ($15 CAD/Box)

OKAY, other than make up I also got a few other things!

I couldn't resist bath and body works. Everything just smells so amazing there. I picked up 2 3-wick candles ($22.50 CAD each).

I dropped by michael's the arts and crafts store to pick up a couple marker pads for drawing/using my copics on. They were $20 and $18.

And then I got this scarf from Bluenotes. Lol! It was 30% off, and I had my SPC card, and got another 15% off... Which made it $6. Haha! Deals FTW. (Sorry for my deathly pale face, Im just about to go to bed).

I honestly might go back to West Edmonton Mall to pick up a few other things that I didn't have time to look at or get... American Apparel has a 20% off sale as well! I forgot to go in there! I also have to check out murale to see if they have the perfume that Sephora doesn't have! I really want the Viktor and Rolf Flower bomb. :/

Ahhh well... I'll keep spending my money. >_<

-- xLissa

Thursday, April 29, 2010


SO I finished my exams on Monday, and what have I been doing since then? Shopping of course!
Who in the right mind wouldn't?! Haha!

Right after my friend, Jessica, finished her exam at 4, we raced to LUSH to pick up some things. I'll make a separate post on what I got and how I feel about the products. :) I love LUSH... I got my cousins, Ashley, to come with us as well... and I think she's going to love whatever sh e bought. hehe.

On Tuesday, I accompanied my mom to the grocery stores to buy some stuff... Then we went to Kingsway Garden Mall so that I could return some make up, but ended up getting MUFE face and body foundation in my summer color as well. :) I also made her bring me to Delta Art and Drafting Supplies so that I could buy some copic markers! :D The thing is... the flyer said that the 36 set was $80 WHAT A STEAL, but they said it was a typo, and couldn't give me the price for it. I was whining and pining when I got home and only ended up buying 5 colors.... I decided to play with them, and instantly fell in LOVE with the way they blend! SO I had to go back on Wednesday...

On Wednesday, I woke up nice and late at 12:30pm. I got ready and got to delta by 1:30pm.... I ended up leaving at 3. LOL Then my mom and I decided to check out the mayfield common Winners.... we didn't find much there. So I made her bring me to the Sally's they have over there... I bought 6 nail polishes. Haha! Then I had to work at 6pm... and I bought 2 more polishes. Oh my gosh... lol

Today, I woke up and my friend, Vincent, came to pick me up to go to school to bring home all of my over sized art stuff that I couldn't bring home on my own! Then we went to Tim horton's to grab a nice ice cap. :) After that, I didn't want to go home, so he drove to the south side to look at the pretty lottery show homes! So much fun. :)

I have to play with markers soon! I can't wait... I keep making little color charts of my own so that it'll be easier to look for the perfect shade of color... :)

My Copics haul! Love it! It costs me too much money though...

The nail polishes I bought at work in Peach Smoothie and Gum Drop.
They're scented when dry! Hehe

This is what I have on my nails now: Peach Smoothie.
It's the perfect pale pinky nude.

These are the China Glaze nail polishes I got from Sally's in:
Tree Hugger
Lubu Heels
& Heaven
I was so mad when I read the ingredients for heaven after I got home...
It contains formaldehyde!! I might have to return it since it was $6CAD

Last of all the orly polishes I got. I was so excited to see them because they are hard to come by.
Orly makes really nicely pigmented polishes that are smooth and formaldehyde free!
These colors are: OLE, La Playa, and glitz (gorgeous!)
I'm definitely in love with these polishes!

Hope you enjoyed this post! I'm off to print some stuff for school...

-- xLissa

Friday, April 23, 2010

Another day...

Spent at home not doing anything, even though I promised myself that I would go to school... I feel super frustrated today since I didn't receive my teacher's email until one o'clock asking me to meet him at noon the same day... so I slept in. BOO HOO. Super frustrated, and the weather isn't even that nice today!

I also kind of promised to meet my cousin at school, but that didn't happen either, because my mom wouldn't let me leave the house because i told her I wanted to go to LUSH to pick up some things. LUSH won't leave me alone. It's always on my mind... about what I'm going to get next, and how much money I'm going to set aside for the things that I'm going to buy... I'm really a LUSH addict...

How long are blog posts suppose to be anyways? Ha ha... And I'm sitting here thinking about what I'm going to do next.

I just ate a bowl of Chapman's Mango frozen Yogurt. mmm. I'm cold and even hungrier now. Isn't it weird how you realise how hungry you are after you eat something so small?

Anyways, here's a picture of my ice cream! haha

AND... I'll leave you with a picture I drew last semester of the interior of this building on campus.

- xLissa