Friday, December 10, 2010

MINI Make Up Haul & FACE.

I know I said that I wouldn't be doing another haul for a while, but I couldn't help myself and go shopping. Sephora gave me a $20 GC.. and I had to make use of it!

I apologize for not updating as frequently as I have in November, but finals and final projects have been suffocating me... as I'm sure it is doing to most of you. Haha. I didn't sleep very much from Sunday night to Wednesday night. I had maybe about 6 hours in total... including my naps while I study. Oh caffeine, where would I be without you? Probably... a bum, because I'd fail school.
Thank god I'm done 3 out of 4 classes! I'm going to have to go hardcore for a longer period of time though... next exam is on the 21st!

I will post some pictures in a later blog about the project I did in school. :) Took up a lot of time... but it's fun to make things with your own hands.

Hmm... I didnt take that many photos, because I basically got home, changed, and went to work. haha. I'll post swatches tomorrow... when my lips aren't dead.

Edit: Yeah, it's now Dec. 12/10. I'm going to add more pictures! I couldn't wait to do this post, that why I posted it so early without much content. Tomorrow is my work's Christmas party. My friend/coworker is going to let me drive her car! MUAHAHA. :) I'm excited. Jojo made me coffee at work today.. so my brain is kind of scattered. I just took a shower, and did my make up for fun! I have pictures after my haul! I also have some swatches of the lippies I bought recently. I do my make up at night so that I get more practice, and I see what works for me. I have a lot of make up, so I'm not worried about "wasting" it, as my mom says. Hahaha. I'm going to add a bit more narrative to some of the pictures... :D

So I went shopping on Thurday, Dec. 9th, 2010...
Hehe, I met Jessica up on our usual bus to school.. and we took the bus to West  Edmonton mall from there.
We had a yummy lunch of Pho at Pho Hoa in T&T. 

My shopping partner of the day, Jessica. 
She used to have not so nice skin, and now it's gorgeous! 
I'm so jealous. Haha. She looks flawless in this picture. 

Just a candid picture from that night... I was called in to work from 8pm-12am. 
The president of Shoppers Drug marts was coming  for a visit on Friday. 

OKAY, so this is the MAKE UP HAUL. lol   
I was so excited to go shopping because I knew that YSL was going to be at murale! 
FINALLY. They were suppose to get it in in August, but they had some complications. 
The "Beauty Master" said it came in last week. 

SPEAKING OF THE "beauty master", her name was Jacquline(?) and she was the most ANNOYING sales associate everrrr. LOL I told her that I worked for a shoppers drug mart, and she STILL followed me around everywhere in the store! They must not be doing very well for sales... but wow, she was in my face everywhere I went. When I was sat down in the Bobbi Brown chair, she was in my face repeating whatever the make up artist told me. LOL She was... entertaining at least. -.-
Jessica and I kept giving each other the look while the "beauty master" spoke to us. -.-

SO THIS IS basically what I have been waiting to get FOREVER. You have no idea. I've been eying these lipsticks for MONTHS. I almost caved in a bought them at Holt Renfrew, but I held out. 
These lipsticks are GORGEOUS. They feel like SMOOTH butter! They're so pigmented, I only need a couple of swipes to get FULL COVERAGE. Omg, these are the MOST luxurious lipsticks I have EVER put on my lips! You HAVE to go into the store and try them sometime to understand what I'm saying. The packaging is BEAUTIFUL as well. You know me, a sucker for packaging. It makes sense since I AM in design. haha... One day my dream job would to be designing my own lipstick tube! haha. 
This is Rouge Volupte #1 Beige Charnel (Murale $38 Retail)
Described as a Nude Beige

& Rouge Volupte #2 Blond Sensuel
Described as "Sensual silk"
I'm definitely going to get a couple more of these! They're SO amazing. 

I needed a new concealer, so I thought I would give this a try... it seemed like a full coverage foundation that I could use forever. lol ! 
Bobbi Brown Foundation Stick (Murale $50 Retail) 

This is what I ended up picking up from Sephora. This is my Holy Grail (HG) foundation. It makes it look like my own skin... but better, and it doesn't get cakey. 
MUFE face and body foundation  (Sephora $42 Retail)
(the one on the right is the new one, the left is my "summer" shade... you have to swatches these to understand!) 

This is something Jessica helped me pick up from RW & Co.? I'm not sure, but yeah... 
Kind of strange. LOL they don't regularly sell these in Canada, and everyone is going crazy about them!
I know I've wanted tot ry these for SO long. Shoppers Drug Mart carries the shaving cream, which is SUPER nice... it moisturizes my legs like crazy. I love it. All 3 of these lipbalms and the little baggie was $16. It's in Pomegranate Raspberry, Sweet Mint, and Honeysuckle Honeydew. 

This is a little fun I had. I promised Amie to do a post of what I look with and without the MUFE face and body foundation. My skin is acting up, so I have breakouts. :(  Probably due to stress... please excuse the gross skin. 
This is also after my shower tonight. LOL My hair is wet... NOT greasy. GEEZE. haha

My new foundation shade... 

I'm using MAC's 187 brush to stipple the foundation in. 

Using my new stick foundation for concealer... 

Dabbing the blemishes with a concealer brush... 

Garnier's under eye roller 

*Roll roll*

Using Lise Watier's Mineral Powder with a fluffy Quo Professional powder brush.  

ANNDDD this is my skin after. 

I decided to play with colors tonight! I bought this Stila palette for $13. Great deal. 
4 Eyeshadows, and one Cream lip/cheek color.

Putting one the beige color, and the blue... and blend blend. 

 Doing brows and eyeliner. 

 Using the cream blush.. 

 Lashes with Loreal Mascara... eww my eyebrows are so uneven... 

Moisturizing lips with the EOS lipbalm. 

Rouge Volupte #1!  

Lip Swatch.  

Overall look with the lipstick!  

Rouge Volupte #2

Lip Swatch. 

Overall look with #2. 

FROM the last haul! My Dior Addict Highshine in 680 Catwalk Mauve. 
My mom says I look a lot older with paler lips. She wants me to wear bright colors... 
So I might get more YSL lippies. hehe

Lip Swatch. 

Overall look.

The Dior lipgloss I got last time... 

Last piccy! 

PHEW, that was a lot of pictures. LOL I hope you guys have a nice break from studying... :P

-- xLissa


  1. :P Yes, but... I'm done until the 21st!

  2. MELLY I LOVE THAT MAKEUP LOOK :) KEKEKE . wow the coverage is actually amazing. and yes i do look like i have flawless skin.. CUS I DO ;) jk and yes it's RW and Co. and fuck that lady was annoying ROFL it was such a good day <3

  3. You have very sexy lips! :P