Tuesday, December 14, 2010

That's so Vanilla.

I'm so addicted to this song right here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7hfw2Ov7Nto

Haha, not really into the MV though... /sigh

I'm currently in Cameron library 2nd floor if you're looking for a study buddy!
This is my little slice of study break.

This weekend was kind of crazy! On Saturday, Fion came to pick me up at at around 4 pm, and we went to kingsway and west edmonton mall to do a little shopping. We had to go to a work related christmas party at 8ish (or so we planned). Haha I ended up picking up a couple of skirts from Forever 21, because I felt like it. I also got quite hungry, so I we went to get Caramel Apples from the Rocky mountain factory. SO YUMMY.

Haha, we ended up at Lieu's place at around 9pm. Whoops. Whatever, food was still there (and still yummy!). That night was pretty much just a gong show.

On Sunday night, I had to work from 7pm-10pm. A 3 hour shift. Awesome, hey? I waited all day just to go to work at 7pm. lol. Some dude tried to steal two colognes, but Fion and I stopped him.. ish. he still ran away, but we got the product back... /sigh.

Monday, I had a meeting with my prof for a portfolio review. He doesnt like my work... I can tell. We talked for like 3 minutes, and he let me go. Oh well, I can't always win. Fion was nice enough to give me her $15 GC from Sephora that she got by email... so I went to Southgate's Sephora to get the Nars Sheer Glow foundation. I know, how many foundations do I need? To tell you the truth, I really like the MUFE face and body foundations when I'm not breaking out. It has a really sheer coverage... But after I started working at Shoppers Drug Mart, My skin has not been very nice. :( It's not the job's fault.. more like its my hormones. lol  I suck. NARS Sheer glow is a medium type coverage, so it hides my blemishes quite well. I have a friend who doesn't like the formula, because it tends to settle in dry areas of the skin. I haven't had any problem with the foundation so far. Thank god, because I love the coverage. It's kind of weird because I'm wearing the color deauville, and it's the second lightest color they have ! I'm not THAT light... haha. Whatever, it matches.  I exfoliated my skin with Freeman's Pineapple facial enzyme mask ($3 at Walmart) and it did a pretty good job. I'm impressed. haha.

The next two make up related things on my list are NARS highlighter in Albatross, and NARS blush in Exhibit A. Sephora's Website of Nars Blushes. I don't own anything in those 2 colors... yet. muahaha. My addiction is never going to cease. I always tell myself, "You don't have as much as ___________, it's okay." LOL

I need to do some Christmas present shopping. :S EEEP. So many churches to study. @_@

Oh. before I forget... HAPPY BIRTHDAY, TIFFANY!! 
Go wish her a happy birthday here: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=852695388

Oh, really horrible story... I woke up today and came to school... and then i got a phone call at 1:45pm from a co worker, telling me I work at 1-5pm. :( UHH, that's not cool. :( My online schedule didnt say anything about that. I ended up not going to work, because I'm all the way at the University, and it would take me 2 hours to get to work... working 1 hour out of a 4 hour shift? :S Errr... yeah... =[

Okay, break's over. Ttyl!

-- xLissa


  1. Albatross is so pretty!! I was thinking of getting Exhibit A but I couldn't bite the bullet :S but more like i wanted a no-fuss blush

  2. Ahh, but it would be so nice!

    Just use a less dense brush for Exhibit A.. haha It gives that super cute flushed dolly look!
    I want it so badly. :( Maybe after Christmas.

  3. I think a nice alternative is theBalm mary-lou manizer highlighter. if i didn't have albatross i would buy this one. if you're interested let me know so i can get it from work :)