Monday, September 30, 2013

Birthday Cosmetics Haul!

I really don't know if I could ever post anything other than hauls on my blog.  They're just so addicting. I love looking at what other people buy, and showing people what I bought.

I also haven't posted any selfies of myself recently, so I thought I should (Haha, yeah, right). My skin has gone from horrible to worse though. Where are the days that I had perfect skin? Long gone as it seems. Ah well...

Since blackout season is soon approaching, I guess stores are trying to make up for their sales for the rest of the year. Kiehl's had their first ever friends and family sale open to anyone that walked into the store. The Rihanna hearts Mac collection came out for fall, and Shopper's was having their employee discount and 20x the points at the same time! Talk about sales.

Anyways, here's a nice picture of my little haul from the past couple of weeks: