Thursday, April 29, 2010


SO I finished my exams on Monday, and what have I been doing since then? Shopping of course!
Who in the right mind wouldn't?! Haha!

Right after my friend, Jessica, finished her exam at 4, we raced to LUSH to pick up some things. I'll make a separate post on what I got and how I feel about the products. :) I love LUSH... I got my cousins, Ashley, to come with us as well... and I think she's going to love whatever sh e bought. hehe.

On Tuesday, I accompanied my mom to the grocery stores to buy some stuff... Then we went to Kingsway Garden Mall so that I could return some make up, but ended up getting MUFE face and body foundation in my summer color as well. :) I also made her bring me to Delta Art and Drafting Supplies so that I could buy some copic markers! :D The thing is... the flyer said that the 36 set was $80 WHAT A STEAL, but they said it was a typo, and couldn't give me the price for it. I was whining and pining when I got home and only ended up buying 5 colors.... I decided to play with them, and instantly fell in LOVE with the way they blend! SO I had to go back on Wednesday...

On Wednesday, I woke up nice and late at 12:30pm. I got ready and got to delta by 1:30pm.... I ended up leaving at 3. LOL Then my mom and I decided to check out the mayfield common Winners.... we didn't find much there. So I made her bring me to the Sally's they have over there... I bought 6 nail polishes. Haha! Then I had to work at 6pm... and I bought 2 more polishes. Oh my gosh... lol

Today, I woke up and my friend, Vincent, came to pick me up to go to school to bring home all of my over sized art stuff that I couldn't bring home on my own! Then we went to Tim horton's to grab a nice ice cap. :) After that, I didn't want to go home, so he drove to the south side to look at the pretty lottery show homes! So much fun. :)

I have to play with markers soon! I can't wait... I keep making little color charts of my own so that it'll be easier to look for the perfect shade of color... :)

My Copics haul! Love it! It costs me too much money though...

The nail polishes I bought at work in Peach Smoothie and Gum Drop.
They're scented when dry! Hehe

This is what I have on my nails now: Peach Smoothie.
It's the perfect pale pinky nude.

These are the China Glaze nail polishes I got from Sally's in:
Tree Hugger
Lubu Heels
& Heaven
I was so mad when I read the ingredients for heaven after I got home...
It contains formaldehyde!! I might have to return it since it was $6CAD

Last of all the orly polishes I got. I was so excited to see them because they are hard to come by.
Orly makes really nicely pigmented polishes that are smooth and formaldehyde free!
These colors are: OLE, La Playa, and glitz (gorgeous!)
I'm definitely in love with these polishes!

Hope you enjoyed this post! I'm off to print some stuff for school...

-- xLissa

Friday, April 23, 2010

Another day...

Spent at home not doing anything, even though I promised myself that I would go to school... I feel super frustrated today since I didn't receive my teacher's email until one o'clock asking me to meet him at noon the same day... so I slept in. BOO HOO. Super frustrated, and the weather isn't even that nice today!

I also kind of promised to meet my cousin at school, but that didn't happen either, because my mom wouldn't let me leave the house because i told her I wanted to go to LUSH to pick up some things. LUSH won't leave me alone. It's always on my mind... about what I'm going to get next, and how much money I'm going to set aside for the things that I'm going to buy... I'm really a LUSH addict...

How long are blog posts suppose to be anyways? Ha ha... And I'm sitting here thinking about what I'm going to do next.

I just ate a bowl of Chapman's Mango frozen Yogurt. mmm. I'm cold and even hungrier now. Isn't it weird how you realise how hungry you are after you eat something so small?

Anyways, here's a picture of my ice cream! haha

AND... I'll leave you with a picture I drew last semester of the interior of this building on campus.

- xLissa