Friday, December 17, 2010

Friday night! Bronzey Look For Amie.

  School is ALMOST done ! ! ! I'm so excited. My last exam is on Tuesday morning, hehe.

I'm off to shower, so I'm not going to write a lot. I have a headache from too much caffeine.
Today, Cindy and I went to Phobulous, and I had a yummy bowl of Bun bo hue... NOM NOM. HAHA
I couldn't stop eating for some reason... oh well.

I will do another haul post soon, but most of the make up is going to be free, because my manager is getting rid of some testers. I'm so excited to try everything, because it's going to be mostly Benefit make up! :)

Amie asked me to do a post on a bronzey type look... and I'm not really sure how to besides using bronzer?
I'm going to add a couple pictures from my make up look yesterday, which i did a true smokey eye.. using two colors; black and a highlight color. LOL

   I actually wore this look to work, and I was so scared that my manager would tell me to take it off! I'm not used to wearing so much eye make up... and it's really dark too! It's even darker in real life! I think it  turned out well though, what do you think? Haha. I was so uncomfortable with it on at first.

I'm just going to skip ahead and do this look, because I really want to go take a nice shower and curl up with my 1000 page textbook and read myself to sleep. :) 
SO this is me with my faded make up. I was at school studying until about 8:30pm. 
I LOVE the Benefit BADgal Lash Mascara... It's one of the better volumzing ones!  

I looked for the quickest foundation I can put on... 
this is the Bobbi Brown Stick Foundation in 3.5 Warm Beige.  

Okay, my face looks better already... LOL  

I bought this stick at Superstore, because it has really good reviews. 
It's similar to NARS' multiple... it's also a cream stick 

For this one, I only put it on my cheeks, so that I can skip blush altogether. 

I blended it out with a foundation brush. 

To add extra bronziness to my face,
 I'm using Too Faced's The Bronzed and the Beautiful.  

I mainly use the color on the top left (Snow Bunny) swirled around.
It is very shimmery, so I don't recommend using it in the day time.. or if the sun is out. 
You might end up looking like Edward and shimmer.  

Because of the cream bronzer I used, it picked up more of the product  because of the "tackiness". 
If I wanted to stop at the cream bronzer, I would just set it with a face powder. 

This is what it ends up looking like. 
I just swiped my forehead, chin and down the nose with bronzer as well 

That's about it! I'm not sure if this is what you're looking for, Amie. 
But this is how I would make myself look bronzier during the winter. 
I prefer looking pale and white though! LOL  

Any other requests? Facebook me and questions and such @


-- xLissa


  1. LOL nice. :) your dark eyeshadow is soooooo uggs........ jk :) hahaa

  2. You're such a jerk. :( I thought it was scary, but then I got used to it. I wanted to make it look very taylor momsen like... like this...