Monday, December 27, 2010


I've been away for far too long, but exams came and the Christmas was right behind it! I've been way too busy to do any posts. I said that I would do a mini haul post in the last entry, but I haven't gotten around to taking pictures of the things I got, and what not! I will definitely do a collective haul post along with some things I got for Christmas... tomorrow. LOL.

I actually work full time hours this holiday. I have actually never worked full time... Not even at Save Ons, I never had 40 hours in one single week. Pretty Crazy. I'm getting tired of it, but it's okay. I really need the money to fund these hauls  (lol). I think that one day, after I stop reading blogs, and watching youtube, I will finally have a full bank account.Yeah, right... I do enjoy the time I spend on the internet though.

This is basically a filler post, because I haven't said much in over a week. Not to worry, because my next post will be better. I have a few things that I got from my manager at work (YAY! I LOVE FREE THINGS, and everyone at work knows it... I blame it in the Asian genes). I also went boxing day shopping yesterday, and I picked up a few things at Sephora, and LUSH. I didnt have a lot of time, because I worked at 3:30pm, and I left the house to go to West Ed at 11. Haha. Parking was pretty crazy when we ot there, but even more so when we were leaving! The parking lots were so full of cars trying to look for parking, that it was as crowded outside the mall as it was inside with everyone pushing each other.

Okay, I'm off to whyte now, since I didn't have time yesterday. I'll have to be home by 3, because I work at 4.

Talk to you all tomorrow,

-- xLissa


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