Sunday, November 21, 2010

It's that time again... HAUL!!!

  YO, my peepz. I'm feeling a little under the weather, so I'm going to keep this post a little shorter than usual, without all that crap I usually write. I have to finish up this powerpoint presentation that is suppose to be presented tomorrow night. Haha... I suck, I know. 

  Anyways, I wanted to show you my last haul for a very long time, because I know I have everything I will ever need and more. I know you guys are going to be very sad about this, but I will try to keep up my blog with more interesting things. If you like reading my blog, please follow me! :) I will update every now and then.

  I calculated how much I've spent on myself since November 10th, and it came to almost a whopping $900. I splurged on (almost) everything that I have wanted  for a while and I have close to no spending money left. lol This is the first time I've ever done such damage! I'm a student and I work 14 hours a week... and managed to blow my spending savings in a few days. xD 

Okay, so here's pictures of my latest haul: 

 I went to Holt Renfrew when they had their Manulife Dollars (Where you get 10% back in this type of play money), and I picked up a couple of things I had my eyes on for a while. 
These are the Shu Uemura Cleansing Oils. 
I got the 150ml of the Antioxidant ($40), and 150ml of the classic one ($38). I couldn't pass up the classic, because it has the cutest limited edition packaging. I am a sucker for pink...

This is a picture of my necessities (boring stuff) that I needed to restock up on, and try. Most of these things are bought from Shopper's Drug Mart, because that's where I work, and I got 20x the points! 

This is a new product from Biotherm, and its called the Lash Optimizer make up remover ($31). 
It conditions your lashes as you remove your make up. I wanted to try this, and I got it because I was running out of all my little samples of Lancome's bifacil... and I wasn't going to pay $36 for it when it doesnt condition your lashes as well. haha! 

We recently got in Shiseido at the store I work at. I decided to try their Pureness skin softener ($29) for combo/oily skin.  

The regular toner I use is the biotherm biosource for normal/combo skin. They had this huge 400ml size on sale for $19.99! So good! 

Meh, the rest isn't that interesting. I bought a Lise Watier portfolio concealer ($29) for my cousin in Malaysia, because she saw it in some of Michelle Phan's videos. lol. Got some quo cotton swabs ($3), quo lashes ($4.50), and a double pack of Marcelle make up removing wipes ($12.25). 

Okay, that's all the boring-ish stuff. Here's a collective view of the fun stuff: 

First off, I picked up some things I wanted from Dior. 
I got the Addict High Shine in 680 Catwalk Mauve ($31), an Addict Ultragloss in 247 ($31), a milky pink color, and the mascara base ($35) and Iconic Mascara ($34).  

A view of the mascaras... the Iconic came with a super cute mini 5 shadow compact! lol 

It's so tiny, in my hand. lol 

Next, I picked up a few things from Anna Sui: 

First off, I got the folding mirror ($28), and 3 glitter nail polishes! ($15 each).
(numbers 004, 203, &011)

The Super long lash mascara ($27) and a couple more glitter polishes ($15 each).
(numbers 201 & 209).
 So pretty.  

And then... I got this super cute gift with purchase ! I LOVE THE BAG. Omg, It's perfect. 
It comes with a face serum, a waterproof mascara, and a (new?) kaleidoscope eyeshadow. This one is in 802, and it's a pretty dark gold color. I checked the website, and they're suppose to be new for the fall! 

More pics of the bag! If you want one, there are still a few left at the Westmount Shoppers Drug Mart. Spend a minimum of $30, I believe?  I just love this bag! 

I painted my nails, last night, with 2 coats of Merino Cool, and one of the new glitter top coats I got. 
I love the anna sui nail polishes! So pretty, and they smell like roses when dry.  

ANNDDD just a couple more boring things I got. A smashbox brow tech in taupe ($30), and a rimmel lipstick in Airy Fairy ($4). 

from left to right: 
AS 802 gold shadow, dior ultrashine 682, dior ultragloss 247, and Rimmel Airy Fairy. 

Oh, and I picked up this cute evening bag ($50) from Shoppers too.  
So cute.  Please excuse the randomness of the back of my door. 

 MEH, that concludes my haul. 
Hope you enjoyed!  

-- xLissa


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