Saturday, November 20, 2010

Neutral Smokey Eye -- As Per Amie's Request

This week has gone by way faster then I had anticipated. All this (crappy) snow is making me go crazy! It takes me an hour and a half to get to school when it normally takes me 40 minutes. UGUH. I missed out on my group meeting on Wednesday because of this... but at least I was on time for class! My design 302 class (photoshopping and such) was very homework heavy... We had to draw Mechas... 11 of them to be exact. It drove me nuts... Oh well, thank god it's over! Haha! I should be doing some hardcore research for my group presentation on Monday, but I... can't being myself to do it on a Friday night.

I was lucky today, because I dont have class on Fridays. I worked last night until midnight. I know you all are really excited for my next haul post, but looking at the things I will be buying from work... they're not that interesting. It's basically all necessities. haha... I'll still post it anyways... I went to Princess Auto for the first time, and I laughed at some of the strange things they carry there. I still have no idea why my dad loves it there so much. I texted Angela while I was there, and she was like, WTF? haha Her dad apparently gets their flyers all the time as well. After that, my dad's front left tire was low on air so we went to costco! It's like.. the best place on earth... because of their $2 hot dogs. ROFL. Just kidding. It's fun to look at things there... like Jewellery... or really ugly designer bags they have for sale. :) My mom, dad, and I didn't really buy anything except a box of those christmas cookies in a tin. Oh well. I proceeded to pass out in the back seat of the car while my dad drove in rush hour traffic. haha. It reminds me of old times.

Pretty unproductive day, I must say... I can't wait for tomorrow, because I'll be running about town buying random shit I really don't need. :)

ONWARDS, to my brown smokey eye that I did that Amie wanted to see me execute. Too bad I don't have anywhere to go... BTW, my hair looks gross because it was still semi-damp. Yes, I packed on make up AFTER I took a nice hot shower. Screw you winter! Just saying...

START! First off... DO YOUR FACE. This be my war paint. :P I lent 3 of my foundations to a friend for the weekend, because she needed them for a photoshoot and I wasn't able to be there to do the make up for her, so she did it herself. I'm using Clarins Everlasting Foundation in 109 Wheat. There's a white cast to my face because it contains SPF 15. Good to protect against the sun, bad for flash photography. Here's a nice picture of me looking like a dead person. Muahaha.
I look so unhappy.

Next up, the NAKED PALETTE. Sex sex sex. haha. I would normally use a primer on my eyelids (UDPP), but I got lazy and I'm only doing this look for my bloggy. Amie, I have labeled and named the colors I have used!

... this reminds me of paint by numbers. I poorly mapped out where I used each color. I think the main difference between regular shadow and a "smokey eye" is using shadow on the bottom lash line and smoking it out.. that's the main difference I've noticed. You could also go more intense and add more black eyeshadow to deepen and add more drama.

I'm using Bobbi brown's gel liner in chocolate shimmer.
If you've noticed... both my lashes aren't the same! haha I wanted to show you guys the difference between false lashes (on my right eye) and mascara (on my left eye).
I personally love the look of falsies, because they're so neatly combed and curled.

A better look... at my work. LOL

Close up of my eyes open... Look at the difference in my lashes.
Im using Revlon's double twist mascara, btw. It's a piece of poopoo. haha
The shadows are deeper in real life. If i had put a base of gel liner/cream shadow,
it would be more intense.

Some Camera whoring pictures for you, la~! Im using MAC's creme de nude lipstick.
I also added a bronze glitter liner to the bottom lash line closer to the inner corner.
It adds "glam". LOL I like sparkley things, okay?
AND... A pretty bathroom picture for you all. Haha!!
Tell me if you like these types of posts or not... or tell me what you'd like to see me do for my posts! I'm a noob at blogging, so any help is appreciated!

Thanks for reading!

-- xLissa


  1. i think you should take pics step by step :)
    you should blog more often like everyday haha
    i love reading blogs

    look up xppinkx on blogspot
    i love the way she does her makeup posts


  2. OH SOMARLY. You're nuts.
    I was thinking about step by step... but I didn't know if anyone was actually interested in reading my blog. xD

    THANK YOU! :)

  3. i loves it ahahhaha <3


  4. Lol, you're always up and ready to comment, Jess.
    You could probably replicate this look with other neutral colors! I'll do another one using Maybelline's smokey eye quad sometime!

  5. I actually love that you are wearing a fur vest with a lace top. You are my hero. :P
    You're amazing at doing makeup, just saying!