Thursday, November 11, 2010


Okay, SOOOOO I suck at keeping up with my blog. I just lose track and forget.

School started up and we're almost done the first semester. I'm enjoying my studio courses (esp. the photoshop one), but I hate art history. =[ I have to catch up on studying this long weekend... I need to pass.

Overall, it's been a pretty chill semester. I haven't been hanging out in CAB, because Teresa is never there anymore, and I feel like I don't have time to do anything! My friends get mad at me because I'm either busy doing homework, or else working. It's nice right now, because I work about 15 hours a week. I love working for Shoppers Drug mart... Haha, we'll see if I still love it after the Christmas season.

That reminds me, I got my first customer complaint! ARGH! Haha, but I totally deserved it. I was withholding some limited edition stuff (the last ones!) and I told her that I couldn't sell it to her because I called it. >_> Yeah, stupid greedy me.

ANYHOW, lets get to the main reason why I wanted to blog today: HAUL!!!
I've been in a crazy shopping mood this past week, and basically went berserk.
It doesn't hurt when it's the 20% VIB sale at sephora too... (okay, maybe it hurts my wallet a little bit.)

I just looked at my credit card statement, and it looks like I'm almost at my max!


Group picture of what I got today (Nov. 10, 2010)

The Naked Pallete ($52 CAD) up close. I bet you've all seen it before! lol

Since I got the last one off the shelf... the plastic was all cracked, and this wasn't put together nicely. :( It made me sad... but at least I have the palette, I guess!
I also got Bare Escentuals' Buxom Lash ($23 CAD), Nars Eyeshadow Primer ($29 CAD), as well as UD Skyscraper Mascara ($26 CAD).
The last thing I got from Sephora is the Phytodefrisant ($28 CAD)! I got a sample of this a long time ago, and I fell in love with it. It makes my hair nice, smooth, shiny, and straight without the use of a flat Iron. I haven't touched my CHI in a month or so.
Next, I went to Lush to get a Seanik Shampoo Bar (not pictured), as well as the BIG shampoo. I'm so excited to try this. It better be good, since it's $23!!
On Sunday, I picked up the QUO Professional Brush set ($100 CAD). in the Holiday Edition. SUPER cute, and the brushes are SO SOFT. It was on sale for 40% off! :D

I also picked up a few drugstore stuff! Revlon Eyelashes ($6 CAD), Tweezerman lash comb ($10 CAD), 3 L'oreal hip Chrome liners ($7 CAD/each), and a maybelline blush ($5 CAD) !

I also picked up a couple boxes of my favorite My Beauty Diary sheet masks from T&T. ($15 CAD/Box)

OKAY, other than make up I also got a few other things!

I couldn't resist bath and body works. Everything just smells so amazing there. I picked up 2 3-wick candles ($22.50 CAD each).

I dropped by michael's the arts and crafts store to pick up a couple marker pads for drawing/using my copics on. They were $20 and $18.

And then I got this scarf from Bluenotes. Lol! It was 30% off, and I had my SPC card, and got another 15% off... Which made it $6. Haha! Deals FTW. (Sorry for my deathly pale face, Im just about to go to bed).

I honestly might go back to West Edmonton Mall to pick up a few other things that I didn't have time to look at or get... American Apparel has a 20% off sale as well! I forgot to go in there! I also have to check out murale to see if they have the perfume that Sephora doesn't have! I really want the Viktor and Rolf Flower bomb. :/

Ahhh well... I'll keep spending my money. >_<

-- xLissa

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  1. holy crap. i love the my beauty diary things from t&t as well... i was all over vancouver asian makeup stores trying to find it but they didn't have it. only t&t has it. :( how sad.