Tuesday, September 18, 2012

School Has Commenced!

Ey ey ey,

Hey ya'll. I've been gone for MONTHS. Lol, I just got really lazy with up keeping this blog.
I've worked all summer, took spring and summer classes as well. I'm determined to graduate by the end of this year!

I'm so sick of school, yet I'm not all that ready for real life yet. We'll see where life takes me by the end of it. It's kind of exciting not knowing what's going to happen next.

Anyways, I went to Chicago for 12 days before classes started up again, so I thought I should do a mini haul post. I'm kind of broke now. Funny thing is... I kept buying things even after I came back home. :( It's so addicting. Anyways, this is a picture of the things I bought in Chicago! This was from the day after I came back.

I got Neutrogena cleansing wipes, China glaze polishes, an OPI, ardell lash glue, lashes, butter london polishes, dry shampoo, lipbalm, and self tanner! 

This is a picture with some of the other stuff I bought recently. lol 

Here's a closer look at some of my new skincare stuff. 
Make up remover was $4, so I got a bottle of it . 
The mario badescu stuff is meh, I just bought the garnier serum because I ran out of chemical exfoliants. 
The cleansing wipes are pretty good. The take off make up well, and they smell good. 

Here's a closer look at the Skin Renew serum. It's suppose to help with dark spots. 
I have acne scarring, so I hope it works as well as some of the other AHA products I've used. 

Speaking of AHAs, I wanted to take a picture of this before I threw out the bottle. 
I like this stuff A LOT. It helped with the smoothness of my skin. 
I got it to try out because I'm part of a cosmetics review panel. 
I bought the Garnier to replace this product. We'll see how it goes. :) 

Another skincare product that I got from work is the Lancome Genefique eye. 
This has a serum texture, and is very lightweight. 
The active ingredient in this is Horse Chestnut. 
Apparently, it's suppose to make the whites of your eyes whiter by constricting blood vessels. That makes me worried, but it's a pretty good product so far.

The only thing is that it has a super strange applicator. It's just an antibacterial steel ball. 
It's very cooling, but a bit annoying to work with. 

Another think I picked up in Chicago is the Fake Bake self tanner. 
I've heard good things about it, and my manager said a customer told her that it's the best. 
lol! that's one person, but I wanted to try it anyways. I got 20% off of it at Ulta! 
I will forever miss Ulta. I wish we had one here. :( 

I also purchased this in Chicago... I haven't touched it yet though. LOL 

I recently instagrammed this picture. These are my purchases from Saturday.
I wanted to study, but I kept thinking about these products, so I just got up and went shopping before i had to work. 
I have an addiction. :( It's really damaging on the wallet. haha!  

 I want to start off with the make up first. 
I bought the MUFE aqua brow on saturday, because my mind kept wanting it. 
The next couple of pictures are of me wearing it. 
The Revlon Colorstay is from a week or two ago. It was on sale at LD for $10, so I wanted to try it. 
I broke out from using it daily, so I'm just going to use it on special occasions. 
There's nothing that AMAZING about the product, but I like it none the less. 

I was wearing BB cream this morning, and it looks like it's been all worn off. 
I'm still trying to recover from my breakouts using the revlon colorstay. 
Oh well, the main focal point should be my brows! lol 
I've had the product on the entire day and it hasn't budged. I'm quite happy with it so far. 

The color I got is in #25 Ash. Sephora only carries 2 other lighter colors. #10 Light Blonde, and #15 blonde.  

ONWARDS to nail polishes! The last component of this blog post! LOL 
I've wanted the first two nail polishes since they came out during the debut of the Hunger Games. 
I was happy to find them at Ulta, on sale for $4 each. Not bad. 
The OPI polish is called My Very First Knockwurst. It's part of the Germany Collection. 
I wore this color throughout my trip in Chicago. :) 
The last one is the Out the Door top coat. I thought I'd give it a try, because it's 3 free. 
My seche vite is NOT 3 free, but I still prefer it. /sigh

My new Butter London polishes! 
I got the nail duo in Chicago because it's cheaper... lol 
The other two colors are Shag and Trustafarian. 

This is a beautiful orange burgundy. <3 fall.="fall." for="for" nbsp="nbsp" p="p" perfect="perfect">
Trustafarian is a holographic green. I love it. 

Two other holographic polishes I picked up because of Somarly are from Layla. 
This is 01 Mercury, and 08 Flash Black. I've been into wearing darker colors lately. 

The holo rainbows ! So pretty. 

I saved the best for last. This is the Dior nail polish duo that I HAD to have. 
It's a new type of crackle that gives a crocprint effect. I thought it was more like Giraffes at first. :D 

The gold base color is beautiful enough to wear alone! 

I just love it. The index and middle figure has a different crackle effect than the ring and the pinky because it's dependent on how thick of a layer you put on! 

Haha, that was a pretty short post, but it took me forever to prepare. I hope you enjoyed looking at my lastest beauty purchases! I'm quite the poor student at the moment, so there won't be any haul posts for a while, but I'll try to update about other things in the future! :) 


-- xLissa


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