Sunday, October 2, 2011

Break from Studying

Haha, as my title says, I thought I should take a break from studying... all these Linga pictures are making me dizzy. Don't google it. :P

I'm studying for my art history midterm this tuesday. I'm scared, because I want to do well! I'm currently just taking a break to refresh my brain. I worked until midnight the past two days, and I woke up at noon today... and went to Northgate! haha I was going to go to Castledowns Library, but I went into Starbucks to see if my friend was working. AND SHE WAS. lol We're in the same art history class, so she bribed me to stay and study with her. It was an.. okay day. LOL not as productive as I imagined it to be, but fun none the less.

I thought I should show you yet, another haul I did... yes... my wants are pretty much insatiable.

First thing's first... I got St. Tropez Mousse Self tanner

It's HUGE, but it's a nice product. Very natural, and I wouldn't mind using it every few days. Minimal streaking, and the scent is bearable.

These are the other things that I got! :D
Naruko Oil Out Cleanser, serum and night cream, 
a teasing comb, 
Nose packs, and a facial sponge! 

 I also got this Honey Hair mask... (and the glow in the dark nail polish in the background)


Close up pics...
SO I picked up a pair of Benefit Lashes this past Monday! and OMG, they're SO LONG. lol 
I took comparison pictures to my shu uemura ones, because apparently they're made from the same people. 

There are the Black Luxe Lashes from Shu Uemura, 
And the Pin-Up lashes from Benefit. 
I would have gotten the Prima Donna, but we dont have them yet. 

An Interesting factor of these is.. that they're BROWN!
I didnt expect this when I came home, and I didnt know if I liked them or not. 
I think they grew on me.. I still wonder what they would look like if they were black

These are just a close up of my Shu ones. I will make another post to compare these to the prima donna Lashes when i get my hands on them. 

Obviously, I am wearing the Benefit lashes on my right eye. 

This is the comparison between false lash, and natural lash.

What it looks like. LONG, right ? 

They're actually double layered... VERY big lashes. LOL 

Yeah, I realize my liner messed up my eyelid. :( 

'Gigolo' lipstick! HAHAHA

YEP, that's all. :) I like them... not for everyday wear, ofc. 

KAY, time to go back to studying! :) BAI BAI. 

-- xLissa


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