Tuesday, September 20, 2011

August/Sept Haul

WOWOWOW, I've been away for too long, and I promised too many of you PICTURES. I should be doing research right now, but I'm taking a break. A pregnant break, but by all means, much needed. LOL

This is the first time I'm using the new blog interface for blogspot. It's interesting... but teeny tiny on my 24" wide screen monitor.

I've been really lazy with this blog. School started up, and now Im trying to be as caught up as possible. I hope to be ahead sometime soon. My sketching skills haven't been the best though. :( I drew a tank on Ran Yu's paper for an assignment. She was like, "Wtf?" But that's okay, cuz she doesn't know it was me. :)

So people were asking me to put a picture up of a recent haul I did at work (Shoppers drug mart) ... Most of it was my brother's stuff.. like shiseido for me, and the clinique for men, and the cologne. haha

I bought two of the flake aways because they went from $9.99 to $18.99! 
WTF? I had to stock up while they were still $10. :( 

I was looking through my camera pics, and I guess I didn't put this picture up? 
I went to LUX beauty boutique for the first time... about a month ago.
I can safely say that I love it there! OMG 
I would spend too much money if I was left on my own to defend for myself. 

This is the mini haul I did. 
I LOVE the fluffy bunny hand cream! 
(mostly because of the name and the cute bunny picture)
BUT it works wonders too.
The eyemimo lashes are decent... the band is a little thick, so it looks unnatural when I blink. :/ 
I also got a self tanning mitt. THIS IS A MUST HAVE IF YOU SELF TAN. 
This pretty much guarantees a  perfect, streak free, self tan every time!

OH, i got these the other day too. <3

MMM I'll post up a couple more pictures... that are in my camera. 

SO, pretty recently, I decided to go crazy on my hair. :) And I had my summer brown color in, but my horrid roots were showing up. :( 

ROOTS ARE EVIL. (my hair isn't that greasy, I had to put conditioner in my hair so that the dye doesn't get into those areas. LOL)

So I decided to try Liese Prettia in Milk Tea Brown to match it to the rest of my hair color
Since Sally's is too far for me to go to. :( 

It's a really light mousse/foamy texture. It was... okay to work with. 
It's different from my usual brush and bowl.

ROOTS BE GONED! HAHA It matched pretty nicely with the rest of my hair color.
Oh, if you look closely, I'm wearing the eyemimo lashes. 

I did my face today... 

ANDDD LASTLY, I want to share my first rouge G with you. I bought this as part of my haul.... Its in the color 70 Gigolo. PERFECT berry/cranberry color for fall. I LOVE it. 

Beautiful packagining.

It's fairly heavy. (I wonder if they added a weight to it)

Comes with a mirror. 

Without flash
With flash

I loveeee it. 

It's getting late for me, so I have to go to bed... I dont want to sleep in again. haha

See you in my next post! :D

-- xLissa


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