Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Spring is almost here!

I’m quite sorry that I have been away from the blogging world for far too long. Watch me say this for every post from now on.

Industrial design has been getting more and more intense. The want I have to succeed has become greater and greater. PLUS, my instructors know what I’m capable of now, and I have to keep that up. FML, I should have just bull shitted my first few projects. Oh well. I have fun doing the shit that I do, and that includes the all nighters I pull in the industrial design building.

This semester has been the most interesting one yet, although I am only taking 3 classes. The two introductory I.D. ones and an art history class have been consuming most of my time… plus work, of course. I apologize to all my friends who miss me and have wanted to meet up with me… but I couldn’t find time. Time management is a huge learning process, and it’s taking me a really long time to understand that I NEED to get shit done every second of the day, rather than blogging and doing shit all. /sigh I have met new people in my classes, and it’s a lot of fun talking to each one individually. I hope that my relationships with everyone in the class continue to grow. J It makes me happy. Hehe.

I have been doing some shopping here and there, but not so much as I did a couple months ago. LOL It was the holiday season then, and I could justify my purchases! HAHA I just paid for my flight ticket to Los Angeles in the summer. I can’t wait to go back there for the sun and the beaches. The shopping is pretty good too. I wonder if I will always be a city type of person. I’ve lived in Edmonton my entire life, and I don’t travel very much. I’ve never been camping, white water rafting, and mountain biking, or hiking… I hope that some of my friends will come with me on an adventure this summer as well. It could possibly our yearly trip we take together? We’ll see.

Damn, I miss high school so effing much. I had all the time in the world… I remember taking the bus to ikea right after school and getting home at 11pm. HAHA… or going to West Edmonton Mall for the arcade… and playing racing games all night. Fuck, those were good times. I don’t think I would take back those experiences for the world.

Okay, enough with the rambling. I’m sure a lot of people would rather look at pictures… Well, I know some people who don’t read the shit I say and just look at pictures. LOL

Adelaide came over the other night, and I got to curl her hair, and do her make up. Haha! She’s so funny. I’m glad that we had time to talk between us two… we used to call each other every single day in junior high… and I would fall asleep on the phone while she’d talk to me. LOL Oh my gosh. Poor her. HAHAHA

I was bored last night, so I wanted to freshen up some of my make up technique… I have lost quite a bit of skill, I think… oh well, It will be a fun thing to look at for most of you. Since spring is just around the corner, I wanted to do a BRIGHT bold lip, because they’re fun.
Starting off with a freshly cleansed face (I broke out again…)

I’m using MUFE primer and Elizabeth Arden’s Intervene Foundation in Soft Cameo 06. It’s more on the pink side.
I never understood how Asians were so obsessed with being white… but now I do. When we’re younger, we have less of the yellow pigmentation. As our cells oxidize, we get this yellow tone to the skin. The more yellow skin you have, the less youthful you look. That’s why there are a billion and one brightening products for asian skin. HAHA ANYWAYS, I got this foundation a couple years ago, and I never finished it… so I’m using it in this post.

I used Physician’s Formula Happy booster in beige for a setting powder. I love this. It makes your skin feel soooooo smooth. It’s on sale for 40% off at Shoppers Drug Mart this week, if you’re interested! I’m picking up a few more after I work tomorrow! It has soft shimmers in it, but it’s  not noticeable on your skin. I will do swatches once I buy the other ones!

For this look, I’m going to be using my naked palette for the colors Virgin and Buck. They’re pretty neutral soft colors.

Virgin for the inner corners, and under the brow bone. Buck for the crease area. I used the UD eyeliner in the palette, and my aquaeyes eyeliner, and mascara. 

I definitely can’t complete this look without brows! Look how naked they are… LOL I was born with really sparse eyebrows that were really thick in width, so I have to pluck them every now and then… and they don’t match perfectly. 

To finish off the face, I added bronzer, my tippy blush, and highlighter.

FOR THE LIPS, I used NYX’s lip pencil in Dolly pink. I did my lips in MAC’s lipstick in Snob. Nicki Minaj anyone? My mom says I look super scary with black hair. L

Then I used Rimmel’s Funtime Fuchsia for the middle and blended it out! Voila! LOL
It’s pretty intense…

I decided to change the color… to a corally red… So I lined my lips with NYX’s lip pencil in Hot Red, and used my Chanel Rouge Allure lipstick in Genial. I much like this color better. HAHA
P.S. I have a streak of concealer on my upper lip. ARGH. HAHA. Ignore it. :P 

I love taking pictures of myself… Vanity at its best. LOL Gosh, I need a life…

Enjoy reading week until it lasts!  

-- xLissa


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