Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Hello Kitty for Sephora Haul Part 2!!

Part 2 of my order came in the other day! I couldn't wait to write this post, so I posted all of the pictures first. I went online the night after I made the first order, and everything was in stock again! I couldn't help myself to get a few of the nail polishes... okay maybe all of the nail polishes. ha ha.

This is what the website looked like mid-day.

First off, my friend Fion wanted the super cute Hello Kitty Perfume, and WHO CAN BLAME HER?
Omg, this is the picture of the box, and the apple balm she got. SO CUTE. 

She got the 50ml, and OMG, it's TO DIE FOR. SO CUTE. 
The bottle is shaped like her head. As for the fragrance, it's not as sweet as I expected it to be. 
It smells more sophisticated, and mature than Hello Kitty, herself, would smell like. 
On Fion, it reminded me of the Very Hollywood scent and it's undertone. 
I think it was a pretty good buy for $60. It's difficult to find good smelling fragrances for that price! 

Do you like our lunch room? lol.

Another thing that I picked up is the handheld mirror. 
It's cute, but I prefer the white face with the chrome bow. 
GRRR. :( It makes me said, because this one was only $20.

Unfortunately, you can already see that it scratches easily, and i only took it out of the plastic! 

This is the only thing that is worth it in the collection, in my opinion. 
The nail polishes ! ! They are so cute, and they have the hello kitty head. 
At $11 a pop, they are O.K. quality, but I don't mind spending the money.

You would think that these colors aren't unique, but they are. 
I haven't come across any polishes (in canada at least) that are this milky and opaque looking. 

This one is called Minty.

This one is called frosted cupcake.


Pink Sprinkles (A friend's).

Banana Cream

Bubble Gum

and... Purple Sprinkles.

The reason why I didnt order pink sprinkles for myself, is because it kind of looks like my sinful colors pink polish. They both have similar sparkles. 

I forgot to get a picture, but the middle finger is painted in the color "My Lifesaver" from Nicole by OPI.
I thought they would be similar, but My Lifesaver is more blue based.. like Tiffany&Co. blue. 

Okay, so in this picture, from left to right, I have Frosted Cupcake, Purple Sprinkles, blueberry, and Minty painted. 

I added the banana cream color to my thumb nail.
These are all done with 2 coats. 

YAY! Super cute polishes lined up.

Whoops, and this is bubble gum all on it's own.

Ohh, this is the single coat of My Lifesaver and Minty. 
The quality is so-so. 

YEEEE Hope you enjoyed this post! I love looking at everything I got. :) 

-- xLissa

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  1. Beautiful swatches and great review. Thank you! I'm sad to see the compact mirror scratch so easily. I've just ordered mine so hopefully it won't disappoint too much.