Thursday, February 24, 2011

Physician's Formula Happy Boosters


On the 22nd, Tiffany, Claudine, Adelaide, and I went shopping! YAY!

I wanted to buy a lot of things … like a baggy sweater, a pair of short boots, something from American Apparel (to spend my groupon), and spring clothes and such, but I didn’t buy any of it! L Maybe my mom will take me shopping again on Thursday…

Instead I walked away with an order for a pair of 5” heels from Aldo. HA HA. They’re really high, but I think I’m in love with them! I’ll walk around the house with them first… I don’t care if I look like a giant, I’m still in love with the shoes!

After the little shopping we did, we ate some pho! J If you go to eat pho in West Ed, go to Pho Hoa. The one in the mall area is really shitty…

THEN we went swimming! At 9! HAHA! Tiffers and I snuck in… it was already 9:30pm by the time we got into the pool. Trusty Derek has already swum a kilometre! I told him to swim more with me… LOL. It was nice, because he set the pace. Omg, I have never felt so out of shape! L I only made it to 20 x 25m lengths before I almost died. My arms were so sore after that… Then we went to the stinky hot tub. Uck. It’s so gross in there, so I went to swim more lengths. J I ended up doing 27 in the time I was there. Yipee! Good workout. I love being in the water, it’s so easy to forget about everything while you swim.

ANYWHO, the main reason I’m doing this post, is because Jessica wanted to see the Happy Booster Swatches! After swimming, tiffers and I went to my Shoppers to pick up some make up… for both her and I. LOL Physician’s Formula is 40% off! I said that in the last post. : ) I love it.
So the things I’m going to swatch for you to day are the Physcian’s Formula Happy Boosters in Translucent, Beige, and the blush in Rose. I ended up returning the natural, because I don’t know when I’ll be able to use it. I’m really into the hot pinks right now. My MAC Hello Kitty blush is purrfect. LOL… cheesy, I know. The other thing I’m going to swatch is the Cashmere bronzer. It’s really smooth, and yes, cashmere like. Oh, and the lash growing eyeliner!

Starting with a clean face…

Since I just got back from swimming, and my face is chlorine-y, I’m going to do my make up before I have to wash my face again. Haha. I’m using my favourite BB cream – Skin 79’s Super+ BB Triple Function and some concealer.

Whoops, I forgot to take a picture of the brush tip applicator on the eyeliner. I got it in Ultra black… it’s not actually carbon black at all. L Oh well.

I set my make up with the Happy boosters. On the right side of my face, I used Beige, and the left, I used Translucent. There really isn’t a difference.

The blush is really pretty... very rosey. I put it on my right cheek. 

and the bronzer is a nice matte color with subtle shimmers. The cashmere sweater detail is adorable. I put this on my left cheek. 

Overall, I’m quite smitten with my purchases. I love make up.
Giselle, I know you’re reading this, so don’t get mad at me! LOL

This is what all the colors looked like on my forearm! 
Bronzer, Rose Blush, Translucent and Beige. 

Oh, I went to the Loreal Fragrance School on Wednesday, and I got the Belle D’Opium fragrance, and this cute clutch! J

YAY! that's all for now, thanks guys. 

-- xLissa


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