Monday, April 4, 2011



I miss high school. FO REALZIES.
  House parties and not coming home until 12am on a school night when you're under aged? YEEEEE. lol Good times. yep. that was like... what?

I'm sorry for the lack to attention I have paid to everyone. I was just really busy with school, and I still am… but I'm procrastinating so that I get to spend my nights at school. You know how it is. hahaha. I broke my laptop screen two weeks ago. I'm still pissed off about it... but oh well. It happens. I think it's going to cost me $120 to buy a new LCD screen (says ebay), so I might just do it. My brother can help me install the screen. I'll buy a macbook pro when the new school year starts, because I'm so short on money right now. I keep buying things I don't really need. materialism.

Go take a look on my facebook if you haven't seen my sharkey stool. He was pretty lame, but I enjoy him nonetheless. I need to work on finishing the wood better.

Last Friday, I found out something very devastating to me... TIFFANY GOT INTO OPTOMETRY. LOL I'm excited for her, and I'm excited that she gets to pursue her career... but CHICAGO? You srs? I love her, and I don't get to see her even more? :( /sigh. Jillian is going to waterloo as well. At least they’ll be on the same side of North America. Hahaha. Adelaide and Jluong are leaving me for Hong Kong in July tooo!! although I won't even be in the city at the time either. I'm going to Los Angeles with Cindy and Nguyen. I feel really... sad. I don't know when we can fit in our yearly trip! I was hoping to go camping... even if we stay in a cabin, it would be super fun.

Here's a random picture of my flowering tea. Yum. :) 

SO HOW IS DESIGN? (many of you ask me this all the time)… Industrial design? It feels like I've been on vacation, since I don't use the thinking part of my brain as much. Not good. Most of all, I LOVE talking to everyone in the class! There are sooo many interesting and super nice people. Getting to know everyone is the most exciting part of my day. HAHA. Horrible. I never get anything done in class. On Thursday night, a few of us stayed behind for an hour or so to chit chat. LOL It’s so funny, and I loveeee ittt.
I can’t wait to see everyone drunk on the last day of classes! It’s going to be so fun. Lu has to show everyone her African dance again… hahahahaha

On another random note, it always shocks me when people say, “I read your blog.” It’s the most random thing ever. (COUGH GRAEME COUGH) LOL, because I only expect girls who want to know about make up to read this stuff! Even when Ivan comments, I don’t know what to say. LOL.

Okay okay, well I put up a display picture a couple of weeks ago, and Arielle and Lu were interested in seeing how I did it! I don’t know if I can “teach” with just using pictures.

P.S. I’m not the queen of make up, so don’t kill me if I make mistakes. I just enjoy doing it. AND I never have the patience to do my make up EXACTLY the same! I might use the same colors, but it looks different.. probably because of the amount of black/silver I use.

First, I started off with foundation (because my skin is always shitty). These pictures aren’t that good either, because of the lighting.

I’m using my bobbi brown foundation stick, and MAC sheer select powder, and some of my PF translucent powder.

These are the colors I will be using: a black, a silver, and the beige highlight color. The stuff in the pot is eye shadow primer, and I’m using urban decay’s eyeliner.

 So this is a picture with eye shadow base, and then I used the light highlight color on the inner corner of my eyelid, and underneath the brow bone.

I used the regular shadow brush, and packed on the grey on the outer corner. 

Then, I used a dome headed fluffy brush to blend the color inwards.
 To intensify the color, I used the black eye shadow on the outer ‘v’ shape of my eyes. 

          I used the fluffy brush to blend again. Then I used eyeliner and mascara. That’s basically it. It’s not that difficult. Lol. 
 To complete my look, I used a pink blush, and Barbie pink lipstick. :D

 Perfect sunlight always makes pictures look so pretty. HEHE

Here is an attempt at my Amie face. LOL!!!
(Please don't kill me with your GB status... jk bahaha) 

Asian picture! 

HEHEHE Omg, this took me like a week to write and post. 
I'm so lazy. :) Maybe I'll have a newer one up soon! 

-- xLissa


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