Thursday, April 28, 2011

It's a Thursday

This is a pretty random post. Mostly because i'm too lazy to do anything else. 
I was suppose to go to school this morning to work on my portfolio, but I am so unmotivated right now, since I officially started summer break. HAHA. I worked last night as well... It was random, because there was an hour long scheduled blackout. We kicked everyone out before then, and there were 6 of us in the store. 
We sat around the front end area, because that's where the emergency lights on generators were. It was pretty... creepy to say the least, but we had fun talks. 

  I'm so excited these days, because people come to see me at work (well, I think they just come in to shop, and I happen to be there)! It makes it go by way faster, and I never get any actual work done... but you are all customers, so it should be fine. So thank you Jessica Lieu, Somarly (even if I missed you), Cindy (LOVE YOU!!!), Sabrina, and Kalmy and Dennis. Amanda Fayad and Melissa Cardinal came to see me a couple nights ago too. OMG, so funny. I loved it... mostly because Amanda had a little too much to drink and was hitting on the pharmacist, Dexter. LOL He's so shy, and blushes way too easily. It was cute.

  YESTERDAY, Dexter, Kaylee (my cowoker) and I were having a conversation about trips and vacations. Out of no where, Joanne comes by and tells us that there this dude that comes in to talk to Dexter for hours. She was saying how cute this customer is and lalala, and all of a sudden, dexter's like, "I'm not gay." I ROFLLED SO HARD. Not because he said it, but it's obvious he wasn't. Kaylee and I were soooooo confused, but it was funny. 

  Random, but I want a nerf gun. Please? 

  The assistant manager at work, Tom, was in his office one day, and I stuck my head in and stuck my tongue out at him. HAHA. He's like, "Just so you know, that was kind of weird." 
  And I said, "Some people think I'm weird, but I'm just weird." LOL I don't know why I say these things, but I think my life goal is to make people laugh. If you laughed at that, then I have succeeded. 
  I recently realized that the way I talk these days (and type) seems kind of dumbed down. I think it's because I work in the Boutique. I remember being hired, and working on the floor.. and no one understood me when i tried to explain a concept to them. Tamara, my manager, told me to dumb down my sentences and talk slower... and customers eventually understood what I was trying to say. LOL Not saying that I'm writing for dummies or anything, but I feel like my language skills have deteriorated. I should do the whole "word of the day" thing again.. like I did in High School.

  Dammit, I just saw my brother's tweet. "#westjet seat sale to/from edm until 4pm today! $69 to Van! For travel till June 30." 
I missed it... GRRR. I still haven't purchased my ticket to vancouver yet too. 

  THERES A NEW GIRL AT WORK, and her name is Jennifer! I like her so far... she's so funny. We were trying to figure out mutual friends, and I mentioned Jessica Hoang... and she said that name sounded familiar... and she just friended me on Facebook. I was browsing her pictures, and there was a picture of her and her sister... I was like.. that girl looks familiar.  and... it's "SJade Irony". I don't personally know who she is, but I see her comment on Jessica Hoang's facebook page all the time! HAHA! SMALL WORLDDDDD. WORD UP. '

WHEN SHALL I DO MY HAIR AGAIN? Or should I even? I really liked the color last year... 
Here's a random picture from last year. LOL 
It's in the bathroom, and Teresa is drying her hands behind me. 
It looks like she's trying to be a mime. 8D

Bahaha, since she wanted me to do a blog post, I put this picture up. >=) 

Another random. 
I bought these shoes yesterday!! 
I love them. Too bad they're like 4" high. That makes me 5' 11". 
Sometimes I wish I was a midget asian. 
Actually 5' 4" would be soooo ideal. 

I think one of my projects this sumer is to finally make a banner for this blog. LOL.. I've put it off for far too long. Maybe I'll hardcore photoshop one of my pictures. HAHA. P.S. I never photoshop any of the pictures i posted on here, unless it's for sizing or cropping. I'm too lazy to do any of the other stuff.. even changing the colors. /sigh. I have to practice taking more professional looking pictures... I think. 

It's 5:04pm. I was thinking about going to the University to see the graduates of BDesign's exhibition in FAB at 7pm. I'm really cold right now, and I want to wear these shoes! LOL (Yes, I'm wearing them inside the house).  Nobody's free to come with me. :( I might just go and... chill with people I see there. #lostpuppy.

Hehe, well... I don't have much of anything else to say. 
BLOGAGAIN next time, 

-- xLissa 


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