Friday, August 5, 2011

Makeup Bag Update By Murale

Sometimes I wish that there was a blog that combined blogger and tumblr... Actually.. tumblr just confuses the hello outta me. /simpleminded.

Anyways, I thought this post that Murale has on their webpage is EXTREMELY useful... Thus I shall copy and paste the page.

Who can’t relate to holding onto their favourite beauty products just a little too long? We get it, but here’s the thing: this is a health issue (besides not looking stellar, expired makeup can cause infections). We’re offering a list of best-before-dates for some common beauty finds so you’ll stay safe. And, if we also give you an excuse to go shopping, we’re good with that.

Foundation and Concealer 
Expiry date: Six months for liquids and two years for powders.
Signs it’s time to go: Liquids will start to have a streaky, uneven finish, and powders will become harder to blend and may start to crumble or crack.
Remember: Minimize bacteria growth by washing your hands before applying and avoid repeated use of a single sponge.
Replacement: Murad’s new Hybrid line combines great coverage with anti-aging benefits.

Eyeliner and Eyeshadow  
Expiry date: Liquid eyeliner, every three months; solid pencils can last up to two years. For eyeshadows, cream-based formulations and powders used with water, swap them out every six months. Powders that haven’t come into contact with moisture, however, can last a couple of years.
Signs it’s time to go: Liquid liners will dry out and look cracked when applied. Pencil liners will get waxy and not go on as smoothly. For old eyeshadows, it will become harder to pick up colour with your brush.
Remember: To increase shelf life, regularly clean your sharpener with alcohol and sharpen pencils before each use. Also, wash your applicators regularly or use disposable ones.
Replacement: Get ready for fall’s metallic trend with NARS Eyeshadow Duos in “Dogon” or “Exotic Dance.”

Lip Colour 
Expiry date: Whether it’s lipstick, gloss or liner, these should all last approximately two years.
Signs it’s time to go: If your lipstick no longer looks creamy once applied, it’s time to throw it out. When the oils in your lip-gloss separate and rise to the top, it’s past its prime.
Remember: Long-lasting formulas tend to have a shorter lifespan and need to be replaced more often.
Replacement: Smashbox’s Limitless Lip Stain and; Color Seal Balm has the best of both worlds—a long-lasting hue and a hydrating balm. 
Hope this was helpful to you too!

-- xLissa


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