Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Hello August!

Wow, 3 months have already passed... what has everyone been up to? 

For me, it's mostly been work, and play, and sleep, and eat. I miss school... because I miss talking to everyone, and bumping into people in CAB or SUB. I also miss taking notes. xD 

I am currently painting my nails "Teddy Girl" from butter london. I have this horrid tan, and my hands are super dark. I hate that! I even put sun screen on the back of my hands to prevent this from happening, but of course, I wash my hands. That would be gross if I didn't. I think sun screen is going to be a staple in my purse.
Horribly applied nail polish. lol 

my nails the other day... 

Super duper. Rachel, and Jess Lieu came by to the store yesterday. Whee! I have some other things I forgot to include in my last haul post, so I'll insert them now. 
Sally Hansen Nail Growth Polish in Fearless Fig

I went into sephora one day and got:
NARS Illuminator in Copacabanna (free sample!)
and I got the Tarte for True Blood Natural Lip Tint (LOVE)
It's so gorgeous... I've been into lip tints and stains lately. 

Uncapped. PRETTY. 

In another occasion, I stopped by Sephora again and got the Memoirs of a Kitty cosmetic bag, the journal, 
and I bought a hello kitty x colourful bunny note pad from anime expo that I wanted to show everyone.

From Sephora, I got the little black aqualiner from MUFE for 100 points. Excellent. 
It'll be perfect for my new make up bag for my backpack! :D 

By the way... I bought the kitty backpack. hahaha.

Shoppers has currently started carrying Korres products and that makes me so super duper happy. The body butter I use to keep my keratosis pilaris at bay is from this line! It works very nicely, and for $33 a tube, it should! I went to a launch party... well not really a party, but a breakfast... and they gave us some products to try out! 
The Guava Body Butter (all the body butters are amazing), 
the Quercetin and Oak Day Cream, 
and the Wild Rose Brightening Cream. 

The best part about these products, is that they try to be as natural as possible. It tells you at the top what % is natural, and it also tells you if it contains parabens and silicons, etc. This makes it super easy for a consumer to pick these up without being too worried about allergic reactions. I love Korres. We'll be getting in the cleansing wipes by the end of the month (they get delayed), but those are fairly nice as well. 

Remember the last post I had up? About free used cosmetics? LOL I'll eventually have time to put all the pictures up... probably in my next post. 

BTW pretty little liars is on tonight! HEHE
This was the day I went in to film my video... If I win, I'll tell you more about it.
If I don't win, then it never happened. LOL 

SO THERE'S this pharmacist named Dexter at my Shoppers. Apparently he was a ualberta pharmacy TA?  
Anyone know him? 
He's sooooo sketch, it's intriguing. He wore a Vivienne Westwood tie last night... 
and he says he's not gay. LOL I obviously don't have a problem if he was/wasn't, but it's funny....
He talks like he's nervous all the time, and looks sideways like a sketchy person who's lying... 
ANd he talks about Holt Renfrew a lot... and a customer always comes in and chats him up about cars and how the customer owns an m3.

LALALALA. Today is my lazy day. I'm cuddling with my hello kitty from build a bear. I'll probably hit the gym in a bit.  

WELL, that was my rant for today...

-- xLissa