Saturday, May 18, 2013

Haul and Mini Reviews #1

HELLO everyone!!

WOWOWOW. I cannot believe it's already summer. I seriously would LOVE to know where the time goes, because it seems like it's moving at light speed in comparison to my sloth-like ways.

UPDATES on my life? WELL...
Yesterday, I went for a nice long walk on the north side with my girl, Jlieu. I loved it. The weather was perfect. Hot, but not too hot. I can't wait for more walks during the summer.

I am officially graduating on June 5th from my Arts degree. What am I doing next, you ask? WELL, probably going back to school. I'm not mature enough to go out into the real world yet. My mom's okay with me living at home until I'm 40. Don't worry, I asked. :D (My mom is so awesome)


I'll be going to Asia in July! We hope to be hitting Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea and Japan.
I also have an interview with RBC in June. FINGERS CROSSED. I'd like to have a larger income than I currently do.

That's pretty much up to par with what I've been up to recently, besides the fact that I was in Vancouver two weeks ago! Oh man, I wish I was rich enough to be living there. It's so beautiful. Alas, I am stuck in Edmonton. I am also quite envious of my friend, Jess H, for being able to leave everything and create a new adventurous life in Vancouver.

BUT THAT is not the point of this post. The reason for my update is because I did *some* make up shopping whilst away on vacation. :) It was great. I wish I could have stayed longer.

THE new addition to my make up drawers... hehe 

I got these on Robson Street in Vancouver. It's a small cosmetic place called Shifeon. 
These are scary masks that promote firmness in the skin! 
I really like them for hydration, but I haven't really noticed any firming or lifting. 
(lol I don't really have a problem with that yet though...)

OH ! These are some products I got (and instagram'ed) at LUX beauty boutique in Edmonton. 
I'm really in love with Farmhouse Fresh products. They contain multitudes of natural ingredients, and smell super yummy. 
The three things I got here are: Front Porch Punch Hand Cream, Philip B. Maui Wave Sea Salt Spray (for the hair), and The Splendid dirt face mask. 
The Hand cream smells DIVINE. It has scents of Strawberry, grapefruit, mango, and melon.
I haven't used the hair mist yet, and I haven't seen too many reviews online for it, so I'll be sure to make one when I try it out. Right now, I'm still using my Bumble and Bumble Beach Surf Spray. 
What originally drew me into the splendid dirt face mask is the scent. I adore anything that smells like pumpkin pie. It makes me feel warm and fuzzy. :D  

These are some random products that I picked up at shoppers. 
The first on is the new Physician's Formula BB concealer, then we have a shiseido Shimmering rouge in my favorite type of lip color - hot pink, then there's a bourjois BB lipgloss, and then some Bourjois lashes. 
Oh, there's also a GOSH eyeshadow pigment in plummy. 

I love this color, it has hint of iridescent blue, and is fairly sheer. 
I'll do a lip swatch later on.  

1) Shiseido Shimmer Rouge in PK407
2) Bourjois BB lipgloss in 02 
3) GOSH eye shadow pigment in Plummy

So, while on vacation, I went to the MAC pro store in Vancouver and the CCO in Tulalip, WA. 
L-R: Lightscapade MSF (CCO), Black Black Chromaline (PRO), Pale Lip Erase (PRO), Water based mixing medium (PRO)
Back-Front: NC15/NW25 Chromagraph pencil, Love peck Kissable lipcolor (CCO), and Florabundance lipglass (CCO). 

L-R: Lightscapade MSF (CCO), Black Black Chromaline (PRO) - It's waterproof and super black, Pale Lip Erase (PRO) - Does the job, Water based mixing medium (PRO) - for loose pigments 
Back-Front: NC15/NW25 Chromagraph pencil (PRO) - for lining lips to make it  look crisp, Love peck Kissable lipcolor (CCO) - I LOVE this color and formula, and Florabundance lipglass (CCO) - perfect nude lipgloss to layer.

1) Lightscapade MSF (CCO)
2) Pale Lip Erase (PRO)
3) NC15/NW25 Chromagraph pencil (PRO)
4) Florabundance lipglass (CCO)
5) Love peck Kissable lipcolor (CCO)

We went to Seattle downtown to pick up some Giorgio Armani cosmetics. 
I LOVE these. If I could buy them all, I could. haha
I got two silk eye shadows in #2 Lust Red and #6 Khaki Pulse.
I had to get both of the formulas of the eyes to kill mascara - the regular and the waterproof. :D

SO PRETTY. I'm so happy that I got these colors. 

We also stopped by an inglot counter at macy's. 
I just picked up these two body glitters that I think I might use on my eyelids.

SO glittery! :) 

AND last but not least, I got some stuff from Murale in Calgary. 
L-R: Nars Torrid blush, Chanel Giggle Glossimer, Chanel Vitalumier Aqua (a backup of my HG foundation), Chanel poudre universelle libre loose powder, and Chanel Frivole Blush. 

1) Nars Torrid Blush
2) Chanel Frivole Blush
3) Chanel Giggle Glossimer

HEHE I'm so in love with my new purchases, I hope you enjoyed my post for you all. :) 
If you'd like any updates on any of the make up I just bought, please let me know in the comments section below ! 

-- xLissa 


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