Sunday, February 17, 2013

Pre-Christmas Haul! (Pic Heavy)

I'm so sorry that this is late, but better late than never... right?

Haha! I have neglected this blog for a while, and decided to change the name of it!

Lol I'm not completely satisfied with the name, so if you have any suggestions, I am completely open!

I took these pictures a while back, so I thought I should post them since I put the effort in taking them.

PLEASE NOTE, these pics were taken during finals in December.

The overall haul 

I needed a new leave in conditioner, so I decided to try some stuff from 
phyto and Ojon at Sephora when they have their VIB event. 
I can say that the Phyto isn't all that special.

I also made an order on Sasa a while back, because I wanted to try these two laneige products. 
I had received samples of these, and they worked really well! 
This is the Mulberry peeling gel, and the sleeping pack. 
Also in the picture, is an Anna Sui lash curler. It was on sale, and cute! 

I also got a package in the mail to try some Shiseido products. 
I still haven't tried them yet. The two things I DID purchase is the brow pencil and the eyelash curler. 
They're my favorite. 

During the VIB sale, I did pick more Jack black lip balm, some hand food  hand cream, and a too faced glitter glue

This was the major purchase at sephora. It's the tarte Maracuja oil. It has some rave reviews. 
I've tried it a couple times, but I prefer my Kiehl's Midnight recovery Serum (Which is just a bunch of essential oils as well.)

The majority of my haul was nail polishes! 
I got the Pantone Evergreen, Sephora by OPI 18k gold, two Anna Sui L/E polishes, 
the L/E from essie (I forgot the name), and the holiday trio from Deborah Lippmann

I believe this was from last holiday season, but it's called evergreen

The gold flakies. I painting it on my ring finger on top of another OPI polish. 

This was a L/E Polish from Anna Sui. I LOVE their nail polishes!! 

This is another Anna Sui. I love it, because it has SQUARE iridescent glitter particles 

This is the L/E Essie one. I don't remember the name of it, and I can't be assed to go look for it right now. lol  

This is just an overview of my YSL/Chanel collection in their boxes! 

So I went to Murale in Calgary for a day trip with Fion and Tony, and these are some things that I picked up! I'm so excited to wear them. I've been holding off because they're all bright colors! 
I've been wearing the YSL Glossy stain A LOT though. 

My collection with their caps off. :D 

More random pics. I was so happy when I got these. 

Oh! and one last picture! I got three bottles of Gelish ! Somarly helped me get a really good deal on them. Thanks! lol! The more I use gel nail polishes, the more I fall in love with them. The down side is that I can't use my regular polishes while I have gelish on! lol ! 

Anyways, that's basically the bulk of stuff that I got during the holidays. I'll probably do another post with the swatches of Lipstick and nail polishes. 
Have a good reading week for those who are attending Uni right now! 

-- xLissa


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